Monday, April 14, 2014


In March, we...
enjoyed some dinners with friends,

opened the pool,

started using conditioner,

slept on girly sheets, 

started driving, 

celebrated 7 months, 

 enjoyed spring break at home with some crafts,

and this guy started moving all over the place (contained in here is usually where he is the safest). 

Millie and I made these crosses and eggs with card stock, glue, and tissue paper.

We had some friends over during spring break to dye eggs and other Easter crafts. 
 We used Kool-Aid to dye the eggs. The colors weren't very bright, but at least we didn't have to worry about most of them when they started drinking the dye.
 Millie also got her first play-doh over spring break. It entertained her for hours at a time. 

We also purchased Frozen, and it has been a huge hit. I almost know all the words to Let It Go. Millie has also loved being 'Princess Elsa Millie.'