Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Finally, four weeks later, I'm sharing our Easter photos with you! 
We always enjoy staying home to celebrate Easter. We love our church. It is a joy to celebrate the Ressurection of our Savior with our wonderful church family.

Since our family couldn't come to us, we celebrated with friends that didn't have family in town. This may be our 4th Easter to celebrate with friends. The crowd keeps growing, and we love it! 

It was also this guy's 5th birthday!

 Once the lunch settled down and most of the guests left, Millie thought it would be a good idea to swim.
It was FREEZING! But they swam anyways.
It was a beautiful day and a fun afternoon with friends. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Leading Up to Easter

Palm Sunday

 Preschool Easter Party
 Here is a hill
And here is a cross
The cross of Calvary
Where Jesus died
For you and you and you and you and me
Here is a garden 
And here is a tomb
It's empty now you see
Where Jesus rose for you and you and you and you and me
Millie was being shy all day. She wouldn't even pick up eggs. So Stephen took her hand and helped her find some eggs. 

Church Passover Picnic

Egg Hunt With Friends

Easter Day coming up next!

A Glimpse of April

Pictures of my children from the month of April
Their hair makes them look more like siblings than cousins.

All the eggs we dyed did not make it to Easter, but they were pretty while they lasted.

I feel like he is just going to take off walking any minute. 

Millie has been swimming about 4 times a week since early April.  

He is all over the place.  

Enjoying the sunshine. 

Church softball has begun.  

Millie likes to run the bases after each game.

He has been enjoying the baby pool.

I finally got my camera out to take some much needed pictures of James.

We are enjoying the beautiful sunshine.
I'll hopefully be back soon with Easter pictures. 
Have a good weekend!