Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Books

I love to find a pretty book. This advent book by Ann Voskamp is wonderful!
The pictures and words in this book are beautiful.  
 My plan was for our family to read one everyday, but that hasn't happened. I've been reading them, and as my children get older, I hope to work this in as a new Christmas tradition. 
 At the end of each reading is a suggested activity for the family (which we aren't doing, but it's nice that it's there). There are also ornaments that can be ordered or downloaded (or you could make them), to go along with each story. We aren't doing this part yet either. Maybe next year we can have a beautiful Jesse tree.

I also got each of my children their own Christmas book from our church's bookstore. This is what I chose. 
Sally Lloyd-Jones also wrote The Jesus Storybook Bible. 
 I love how the shepherds and wise men are rushing to see baby Jesus, their Savior.  It's a beautiful picture of how we should be rushing to Him everyday.
Then we have this classic.
 My brother gave it to me back in 2001.
 I'm glad my children like to read. James could sit in my lap all day and look at books. At one point in my life, I collected pretty children's books (that's why my brother gave me that last book as a gift). Now that I have children, it is fun to pick out books for them to enjoy. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Decorations

My Christmas decorations are out! This year I did less than normal because of the small children that live with me. I've been fortunate to be handed down most of my decorations. I do like to buy a new wreath and poinsettias every year from our local farmer's market. 

Our tree was decorated by our children. I didn't even unwrap one breakable ornament. The ornaments around the bottom half of the tree are moved around (pulled off) daily, and the tree skirt and presents are never in place.
I also like the idea of Christmas crafts, but I don't want one that is too labor intensive or messy. So one day while James napped, Millie and I made these cute little Christmas trees.
 We went strolling around the neighborhood to find good pine cones. Millie doesn't love to stroll, so this was a good excuse to get a good walk in. We found some good cones right down the street, towards the end of our walk (this was before J's nap).
I found the colored dots at Hobby Lobby, but I'm sure they are at any craft store. I would put a dot of Elmer's glue on the pine cone, and Millie would pick her colored dot of choice to place on there. If one fell too far in the cone, I used a toothpick to help guide it to the right spot. 

My mom made both of these stockings. We will get J's name on his for next Christmas! 
Millie made this at our church's preschool cookie bake. Her baked cookies disappeared quickly. 

This year we started our own snow village. We are starting with two pieces, and we hope to add one every Christmas. We chose a church that looks a little like our own church and Nick's Tree Farm.

Next I'll be sharing some of the Christmas books we've been enjoying this season!

Monday, December 8, 2014

My Favorites From Thanksgiving


We had a good week with family!
Laurie and Millie were some dancing fools.
I decided not to send Christmas cards, so these pictures will have to do.
Christmas things coming up next on the blog!