Friday, June 29, 2012


I love the Instagram app. It is a great way to share fun photos and see your friends' everyday activities. Here are a few of mine dating back to a month ago.
Chicken Parm Dinner
Climbing Everywhere
 I walked into this one day. Yesterday she was standing on this table. 
 Season 2 was awesome!
 Catfish with crawfish sauce from Come On In. It was DELICIOUS!
 A beautiful day by the pool
 Matching in their green
 Family Bible study at Chappy's
 Biscuits Baseball game with Nick's work crew
 Leaving baseball game
 Dinner on the porch
 Birthday Breakfast
 Birthday Cupcakes
 I got my skirt stuck on my head
 Church softball team-last game
 Babysitting Stephen Small. We watched the Veggie Tales about Jonah. Nick and I learned a lot about Jonah.
 Millie's black eye from the swing in the nursery during VBS
 A cousin bath
 Our Daily Bread
 Nick's lamb dinner on our date
 My grandmother's old house on a quick trip to Jackson. My brother and I got to go in and look around. It was really cool. My brother now lives next door to it.
 Wedding Party
 Nick and the Groom-one of his best childhood friends
 Wedding Party pose by the water
If only she could load and unload.....

Happy Friday!
It's hot out there. I'll be by the pool most of the weekend. Come on over. I'd love some company. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Millie's Party-part 2

Here are the other half of the photos from Millie's party. I know it's a lot, but the title of this blog is 'Photographing My Life,' so did you really expect anything different?

Laurie's dress matched the party colors-orange and pink. Orange for the fish. Pink for Millie.
 This might have been Stephen's 4th or 5th cupcake of the day.
 Sucking the icing off her hand.
 She got in a really good mood after eating the cake.
 These guys really enjoyed the kitchen.
 After cake bath, with Scott's help.
 Another cupcake for Stephen.
I love my one year old baby. I am looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you!