Sunday, August 26, 2012


We went to a birthday party today. It was a beautiful day. 
The party was in Hampstead. Hampstead is a neighborhood/community in Montgomery. It has restaurants, a YMCA, a library, a farm, and more all within walking distance of all the houses.
 Everything in Hampstead is pretty and landscaped just right. I thought it would be a good setting to take some pictures of Millie.
However, Millie was not in a good mood. She only napped one hour today after a morning of playing in the church nursery. I'm trying to improve my photography skills when it involves Millie. I'm also playing around with the editing on Picasa.
I want good pictures for my blog (the extent of my scrap-booking) and framing. I am also constantly trying to figure out how to keep my pictures. I have them on the blog, but I also like to print out all my pictures. When I print them out, I have to write the date on them or I'll forget when or who is in the picture. Writing on all the pictures can be trouble. I'm thinking about making photo books (online, not the ones where I put the picture in an album), but I need to get started.
The problem with the photo books is that I won't have the physical picture to hold in my hand. If I do print some out to frame, then what do I do with that picture when I change out the frame? Any advice would be appreciated.
 Millie got in a better mood after we got to the party.
 So I decided to try and work on my photography some more.
I like this picture because the focus is on her sweet little hand. She is pointing at her daddy. She LOVES her daddy.
 We also enjoyed playing in a different pool. It was a nice pool.
 These shallow steps were the best thing for kids. If I could rebuild our pool, I would build these steps.
 After a fun time of swimming, hot dogs, and cupcakes, we attempted a group picture of the kids.
 It was a fun attempt.
 Millie kept trying to walk away, so I did the best I could with the camera.
 The birthday boy is in the back. He was trying to walk away too.
 We let the kids play again, and I actually like these the best.
 These kids are sweet. It is fun to watch them interact with each other.
 So far my baby has curly hair. We'll see if it sticks!
 We are thankful for sweet friends, cute kids, cupcakes, and birthdays.
I hope you had a good Sunday.
We are ending ours by watching watch Friday Night Lights (we started it yesterday). I hear it is good. It is definitely getting us in the football mood.

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Day To Myself

This past Saturday Nick took Millie up to spend the night at his grandmother's in Cullman, AL. I sure did miss them, but I also really enjoyed my alone time.

They left about 10 AM on Saturday.

I did some pilates before going to read by the pool.
After eating lunch and watching some TV, I went to run errands. I looked around the flea market and kids' clothing store before heading to Target and World Market. I was reminded that Saturday is not a good day to go shopping. I wasn't in a hurry, but sometimes the crowds just make it unpleasant.
I didn't just buy baby stuff. I got me a little something.

Then I thought about going in Starbucks to sit, read, and enjoy an iced coffee, but it was too crowded. Instead, I decided to go to Sonic's happy hour and get a Diet Dr. Pepper with vanilla. I also picked up my dinner -Taziki's Friday Special.
I splurged and got a large.

This was really good.

After enjoying my DDP and Friday Special, I enjoyed some TV time and relaxation before I did some needed chores. I picked up the kitchen before organizing all of Millie's old clothes. It wasn't all work. I did pour myself a glass of wine.

I turned this...
into this!

I also went through all these old magazines. I saved any recipes I thought sounded good before tossing them. I think there are three in the bowl now.

I had a peaceful night's sleep in the middle of the bed with all the pillows around me. I enjoyed my coffee before going to get a bagel at the new Panera right by our house. It has a drive thru, so I didn't even have to get out of the car. I did not go to church because I was recovering from a cold.

I went on home, ate my bagel, and watched Strictly Ballroom on instant Netflix.

With only a few hours until Millie and Nick came home, I decided to do some chores that I usually can't do with Millie around. I mopped the kitchen, cleaned the bathrooms, and folded clothes. Then I sat and read for a little while with more coffee.

I really enjoyed my quiet time to myself. Thank you Nick for taking Millie away for the night. They got home about 1:00 on Sunday.

I missed them while they were gone, and I'm so glad they are home.

Who wouldn't miss this precious kid and her dad?
 pictures taken on 8/8/12
 14 months!
Now we are back to the usual on this Monday morning. I've already been to the dentist and back for a cleaning. Everything looked good. Now onto more household duties, like cooking brownies, to prepare for Bible Study here tonight.

How would you spend 24 hours alone without any obligations?
I highly recommend it. It was good for my soul.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

River Rats

We have been to the Alabama River for three weekends in a row. We often laugh at the people who go to the river on a regular basis and hang out on the sandbar, but now we are those people. We were even parked next to some of the same people as last time. When you have a boat, and the water is not but five minutes away, it is hard not to go.
Like most things in life, Millie was scared of walking or playing in the sand. Then after some time she started to enjoy it.
This cute girl ran up to me and asked, "can I play with your baby?"
I said, "sure!"
At first I was laughing because nobody has quite worded it that way before. Can I play with your baby? It was like asking me if she could play with my special toy.
And she played with Millie the rest of the time we were out there.
 This guy thoroughly enjoyed himself. He also enjoyed all the other kids' toys.
The river may not be the classiest place, but it sure is fun. And it was a little more crowded this past Sunday.
Stephen Small also ran up to every single boat and greeted them as they pulled up on the sand bar. He is the friendliest kid.
We found this three wheeler when we pulled up to the sandbar. Stephen rode it into the water most of the afternoon.
The little girl then said, "she can be friends with my friend Brady, he's a baby too."
Then she asked, "does this one walk yet?"
I said, "yes."
She said, "Brady doesn't walk. He just crawls. But that's ok, they can still be friends even if they're different."
She was sweet 6 year old.
 Playing on more toys. Like I said, he had a good time.
 River snack-goldfish.
 Reaching for the last one.
Cruising on a boat is very relaxing.
Even though it is mid-August in Alabama, it was a gorgeous day, and it wasn't too hot.
Every time we ride in and see downtown Montgomery I start singing the song that is on the Montgomery commercials. It ends like this, 'here in Montgomery, where dreams come true.' It just makes me giggle. I hope people's dreams are coming true. I know riding on the river made a few people's dreams come true this past Sunday.

Monday, August 6, 2012

More of the Same

Hi friends.

My blogging has been slow this summer. I haven't felt like writing or taking pictures. It's been hot, inside and out. We are making it through the summer with a lot of pool time and Netflix watching. I've tried to get Millie out of the house by running errands and taking advantage of things around town like the Art Museum and Farmer's Markets. It is hard to entertain a one year old inside all day long. I am looking forward to cooler weather.

The only snapshots I have of the past couple of weeks are Instagrams or other phone photos.

new bookshelf decor
finally got my license renewed
i think i look like my mama in my new picture
biscuit's game with friends
 splash pad downtown (last weekend)
 Millie surprisingly loved the splash pad
 beautiful sunset ride home-that's Nick and Stephen
farmer's market finds
jalapeno appetizer for end of season softball party using my home grown jalapenos
 tutoring started back up last week
we had our first spend the night party with these kids this past week
 and here is breakfast the next morning-blueberry muffins and bananas 
spaghetti lover
 we went back to the river this weekend
 rainbow on the boat ride home
 and yesterday afternoon was spent like this (just while Millie napped)

I will be getting my camera back out very soon for some higher quality photos. 
Now, I need another cup of coffee, prepare for tutoring this week, iron some clothes, and clean my house, but all I really feel like is getting my coffee. Please pray for me to be productive this week.