Monday, August 20, 2012

A Day To Myself

This past Saturday Nick took Millie up to spend the night at his grandmother's in Cullman, AL. I sure did miss them, but I also really enjoyed my alone time.

They left about 10 AM on Saturday.

I did some pilates before going to read by the pool.
After eating lunch and watching some TV, I went to run errands. I looked around the flea market and kids' clothing store before heading to Target and World Market. I was reminded that Saturday is not a good day to go shopping. I wasn't in a hurry, but sometimes the crowds just make it unpleasant.
I didn't just buy baby stuff. I got me a little something.

Then I thought about going in Starbucks to sit, read, and enjoy an iced coffee, but it was too crowded. Instead, I decided to go to Sonic's happy hour and get a Diet Dr. Pepper with vanilla. I also picked up my dinner -Taziki's Friday Special.
I splurged and got a large.

This was really good.

After enjoying my DDP and Friday Special, I enjoyed some TV time and relaxation before I did some needed chores. I picked up the kitchen before organizing all of Millie's old clothes. It wasn't all work. I did pour myself a glass of wine.

I turned this...
into this!

I also went through all these old magazines. I saved any recipes I thought sounded good before tossing them. I think there are three in the bowl now.

I had a peaceful night's sleep in the middle of the bed with all the pillows around me. I enjoyed my coffee before going to get a bagel at the new Panera right by our house. It has a drive thru, so I didn't even have to get out of the car. I did not go to church because I was recovering from a cold.

I went on home, ate my bagel, and watched Strictly Ballroom on instant Netflix.

With only a few hours until Millie and Nick came home, I decided to do some chores that I usually can't do with Millie around. I mopped the kitchen, cleaned the bathrooms, and folded clothes. Then I sat and read for a little while with more coffee.

I really enjoyed my quiet time to myself. Thank you Nick for taking Millie away for the night. They got home about 1:00 on Sunday.

I missed them while they were gone, and I'm so glad they are home.

Who wouldn't miss this precious kid and her dad?
 pictures taken on 8/8/12
 14 months!
Now we are back to the usual on this Monday morning. I've already been to the dentist and back for a cleaning. Everything looked good. Now onto more household duties, like cooking brownies, to prepare for Bible Study here tonight.

How would you spend 24 hours alone without any obligations?
I highly recommend it. It was good for my soul.

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  1. I am so impressed with your organizing, and Millie is just getting so big. I didn't realize her hair was so blonde! What a cutie pie.