Sunday, August 26, 2012


We went to a birthday party today. It was a beautiful day. 
The party was in Hampstead. Hampstead is a neighborhood/community in Montgomery. It has restaurants, a YMCA, a library, a farm, and more all within walking distance of all the houses.
 Everything in Hampstead is pretty and landscaped just right. I thought it would be a good setting to take some pictures of Millie.
However, Millie was not in a good mood. She only napped one hour today after a morning of playing in the church nursery. I'm trying to improve my photography skills when it involves Millie. I'm also playing around with the editing on Picasa.
I want good pictures for my blog (the extent of my scrap-booking) and framing. I am also constantly trying to figure out how to keep my pictures. I have them on the blog, but I also like to print out all my pictures. When I print them out, I have to write the date on them or I'll forget when or who is in the picture. Writing on all the pictures can be trouble. I'm thinking about making photo books (online, not the ones where I put the picture in an album), but I need to get started.
The problem with the photo books is that I won't have the physical picture to hold in my hand. If I do print some out to frame, then what do I do with that picture when I change out the frame? Any advice would be appreciated.
 Millie got in a better mood after we got to the party.
 So I decided to try and work on my photography some more.
I like this picture because the focus is on her sweet little hand. She is pointing at her daddy. She LOVES her daddy.
 We also enjoyed playing in a different pool. It was a nice pool.
 These shallow steps were the best thing for kids. If I could rebuild our pool, I would build these steps.
 After a fun time of swimming, hot dogs, and cupcakes, we attempted a group picture of the kids.
 It was a fun attempt.
 Millie kept trying to walk away, so I did the best I could with the camera.
 The birthday boy is in the back. He was trying to walk away too.
 We let the kids play again, and I actually like these the best.
 These kids are sweet. It is fun to watch them interact with each other.
 So far my baby has curly hair. We'll see if it sticks!
 We are thankful for sweet friends, cute kids, cupcakes, and birthdays.
I hope you had a good Sunday.
We are ending ours by watching watch Friday Night Lights (we started it yesterday). I hear it is good. It is definitely getting us in the football mood.


  1. Oh my! She is adorable. Love the photos, the dress, and the blonde curly hair. And the little girls with all of them just gets cuter every blog post!! Hope I can meet her before too long!

  2. Lucy, Millie is SO CUTE!
    I love these photos!

  3. I love photo books from shutterfly and snapfish. Kaitlin makes books on Ibooks. You could do them by the month at this time so you can keep track of Millie's growth. It is pretty painless and easy because even I can do it!