Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day

We spent a nice long weekend in Mississippi at my parents' over the Labor Day weekend.

We arrived on Wednesday shortly after hurricane Issac came through Mississippi. Stephen Small was already there. It was tricky trying to entertain these two inside for two whole days. It felt like the rain would never stop.
Here are Millie and Stephen in the 'boat.' Stephen used the foam sword as a motor and made the 'motor' sound while Lovie pulled them all over the house.
 Trying to sneak a cookie.
 Millie loves to hug and kiss her cousins even when it is not wanted.
Once the rain stopped on Friday, Nick picked up the big sticks and limbs that fell during the storm and carried them down the street to the bigger pile of sticks. Millie copied him while Stephen followed on the tricycle.

Please forgive me for the amount of pictures below. I've mentioned before I'm working on my photography skills, and this was a good opportunity to practice. These pictures show how hard these kids were playing and running and enjoying being outdoors.
 Then Laurie showed up! Don't you just love an old red wagon?
All the men went hunting Saturday and Sunday. So we were one-on-one with the babies, and it was harder to take pictures. It wore us out a little. We had to put this sign on the door one day for everyone to get some guaranteed rest. 
We had a good time seeing friends and family, eating good food, and playing with cousins.
We came home on Monday, but we left Millie in Mississippi. We will get her back Saturday. We really miss her, but I am enjoying cleaning out closets, running errands, uninterrupted rest, and going out eat. 
I know she is having a good time. Thanks Lovie and Doc for a good weekend and keeping my Millie.

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  1. Lucy - Please don't ever worry about lots of photos. I can't get enough of them!! Millie is so darling and it's fun to see her with SS and Laurie. I love the ones of her walking - so intently down the street - and the photos of them playing are just wonderful.