Thursday, September 20, 2012

Growing Girl

While Millie was in Mississippi, I moved some things around in her room. I moved her bookshelf out because she kept trying to climb it. I knew one day she was going to pull it over on herself. I put the bookshelf in our room, and put her play kitchen in her room.

Now Millie can play in her room without fear of injury. This has been life changing.

She will play in her room for most of the day. I'll check on her every so often or she will just walk back and forth from kitchen to her room.

Having the play kitchen in her room not only entertains her in a confined space, but it also keeps our living room a lot cleaner. Nick used to pick up all the kitchen pieces every night when he came home from work. Mil would usually pull them all back out a few minutes later. I've also been slowly moving more and more toys from the living room to her room. I LOVE it.

**Please excuse quality of pictures. Some are blurry due to excessive movement of a one year old and bad lighting.

Sometimes when I check on her I see this.
Just chillin' in her bouncy seat.

But then sometimes I see this.
  And she comes towards me if she hears or sees me.
There have been a few times I peek and can't find her. It usually means she is doing this.
 Staying hydrated.

We love that she is becoming more independent. She is communicating more and more. She likes to wear shoes all the time, even is she isn't wearing clothes. She usually likes to have a drink in her hand, even if she isn't going to drink it right away. And she likes to sit and eat at the dinner table instead of her high chair.

This girl is growing too fast, and I can't wait to see how else she will grow and learn this fall.

I love you Millie baby.


  1. Oh my goodness. She is so darling!!! Shoes on all the time is like Chuck. Shated to be barefoot - even in the house. Drink in her hand is everyone in Mississipi - and most of the adults in our generation. I need coffee or a diet coke with me at all times!!!