Tuesday, August 14, 2012

River Rats

We have been to the Alabama River for three weekends in a row. We often laugh at the people who go to the river on a regular basis and hang out on the sandbar, but now we are those people. We were even parked next to some of the same people as last time. When you have a boat, and the water is not but five minutes away, it is hard not to go.
Like most things in life, Millie was scared of walking or playing in the sand. Then after some time she started to enjoy it.
This cute girl ran up to me and asked, "can I play with your baby?"
I said, "sure!"
At first I was laughing because nobody has quite worded it that way before. Can I play with your baby? It was like asking me if she could play with my special toy.
And she played with Millie the rest of the time we were out there.
 This guy thoroughly enjoyed himself. He also enjoyed all the other kids' toys.
The river may not be the classiest place, but it sure is fun. And it was a little more crowded this past Sunday.
Stephen Small also ran up to every single boat and greeted them as they pulled up on the sand bar. He is the friendliest kid.
We found this three wheeler when we pulled up to the sandbar. Stephen rode it into the water most of the afternoon.
The little girl then said, "she can be friends with my friend Brady, he's a baby too."
Then she asked, "does this one walk yet?"
I said, "yes."
She said, "Brady doesn't walk. He just crawls. But that's ok, they can still be friends even if they're different."
She was sweet 6 year old.
 Playing on more toys. Like I said, he had a good time.
 River snack-goldfish.
 Reaching for the last one.
Cruising on a boat is very relaxing.
Even though it is mid-August in Alabama, it was a gorgeous day, and it wasn't too hot.
Every time we ride in and see downtown Montgomery I start singing the song that is on the Montgomery commercials. It ends like this, 'here in Montgomery, where dreams come true.' It just makes me giggle. I hope people's dreams are coming true. I know riding on the river made a few people's dreams come true this past Sunday.

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  1. What a great day. Millie just gets cuter in every post! I bet she loved playing with the little girl, and I know the little girl must have loved playing with her.