Monday, August 6, 2012

More of the Same

Hi friends.

My blogging has been slow this summer. I haven't felt like writing or taking pictures. It's been hot, inside and out. We are making it through the summer with a lot of pool time and Netflix watching. I've tried to get Millie out of the house by running errands and taking advantage of things around town like the Art Museum and Farmer's Markets. It is hard to entertain a one year old inside all day long. I am looking forward to cooler weather.

The only snapshots I have of the past couple of weeks are Instagrams or other phone photos.

new bookshelf decor
finally got my license renewed
i think i look like my mama in my new picture
biscuit's game with friends
 splash pad downtown (last weekend)
 Millie surprisingly loved the splash pad
 beautiful sunset ride home-that's Nick and Stephen
farmer's market finds
jalapeno appetizer for end of season softball party using my home grown jalapenos
 tutoring started back up last week
we had our first spend the night party with these kids this past week
 and here is breakfast the next morning-blueberry muffins and bananas 
spaghetti lover
 we went back to the river this weekend
 rainbow on the boat ride home
 and yesterday afternoon was spent like this (just while Millie napped)

I will be getting my camera back out very soon for some higher quality photos. 
Now, I need another cup of coffee, prepare for tutoring this week, iron some clothes, and clean my house, but all I really feel like is getting my coffee. Please pray for me to be productive this week. 


  1. I'm so happy your blog is back. The photos are great (even the instagrams!)

    Love the one of Millie and Laurie. And I agree that you look like your mom in the driver's license photo.

    p.s. loved "The Water is Wide." Pat Conroy can be a little "lush" in his dialogue but I love his writing regardless. HAve you read Anne Rivers Siddons' books? Try "Peachtree Road." You will love it.

  2. It's nice that amidst your busy schedule, you still allot time to bond with your family. Anyway, how's your tutoring? I hope you're giving enough time in preparing your lesson plans. I know everything you and your student will get to the top of the class together. I bet they're getting better grades now!