Thursday, September 17, 2009

More on War Eagle!

Before we went to Auburn on Saturday, I stopped by this little guy's house. Since he was wearing his blue PJ's, we took a picture in our orange and blue clothing!

Stephen is already an Auburn fan at such a young age.You may ask, how do you know he is already an Auburn fan? He can't talk or cheer or acknowledge that the colors orange and blue are so much better looking than crimson. Well this little story may prove how faithful to Auburn he truly is.

Stephen has been a big eater since he was born. This child has never missed a meal that has been offered to him. And I mean never! He eats when he is hungry. He eats when he is tired. He eats when he is upset. He eats whenever his mamma is around. He is always willing to eat, and willing to eat for long periods of time. However, when traveling to Mississippi, the Spooners stopped in Tuscaloosa to feed Stephen. It had been the appropriate amount of time since his last meal, and they decided that now was a good time to feed him. However, the tiny child refused to eat! His parents were baffled! This was a first for Stephen. So they decided to drive on. Then about 30 minutes later, once they were clear from Tuscaloosa, they tried to feed him again. This time it was successful. The moral of the story is: Stephen is anti-Tuscaloosa like any true Auburn fan!

His Aunt Lu and Uncle Nick are hoping his first words will be War Eagle!


  1. Too, too cute. He is definitely Auburn all the way!!

  2. ha ha...this story is so true and you did such a cute job writing it.