Saturday, October 17, 2009

Birthday Fun!

I have already received several birthday gifts, and it isn't even my actual birthday yet! However, I'm not complaining. I have gotten some really fun things!

The first gift came two weeks ago. I received a crock pot and boots from Nick's parents. I picked out the boots while we were up in TN, and I wore them last night when Nick and I went to eat dinner at Jubilee (a fish restaurant in Montgomery). We went to celebrate both of our birthdays since we were out of town on his birthday.

Nick's sister gave me this cute note pad with an "L" on it and some fun magnets.

My parents came in town the next weekend. They gave me a beautiful serving dish in our Christmas china. Also, (a few months ago) they gave me some gumbo spoons in my silver pattern. These are great! We used them for the first time the other night to eat some Chicken Noodle Soup (recipe to come later).

Then Nick's grandmother, who we call Tutu, and my aunt Lynn gave us money. This is always a great gift! We used some of it towards our dinner last night!

Earlier this week I was able to celebrate with some friends by going to eat at La Zona Rosa (Mexican restaurant). I received some sweet cards and gifts!

And I received my last gift Friday afternoon. Nick gave me these pearl earrings! He picked them out to match my necklace, and he did a great job. They are beautiful! I'm gong to wear them for the first time to church tomorrow (my actual birthday).

It has been really fun to get these great gifts throughout the month instead of all at one time! Thank you everybody for these wonderful gifts and birthday wishes!

We will finish off the birthday festivities tonight by grilling out and watching the Auburn game. War Eagle!


  1. I hope Auburn gives you a birthday victory! Have a great birthday weekend.

    I LOVE you!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a great day tomorrow.

  3. Happy Happy Birthday to you!! I hope your "real" birthday was as much fun as all the goodies leading up to it!