Sunday, February 14, 2010


February is going by so fast! Most people like to associate February with Valentine's Day. I am not a big Valentine's Day fan! Nothing against those that are, but Nick and I don't buy presents or make a big deal out of it. If anything, we may cook a nice meal. We never want to go out to eat because we always think it will be really crowded. However, this year's Valentine's Day may be my favorite. I'll explain......

Nick has been working in Gainesville, FL, from Sunday to Friday for weeks. He has not spent more than 2 nights at home since the week before Thanksgiving. He was off a week at Christmas, but we spent that time in Mississippi. He drives 5 hours home every Friday, and he drives 5 hours back to Florida every Sunday. It is sad, and I'm ready for him to come home and stay home.

Back to the Valentine's part. I think this was my favorite because:

1. This past weekend I went to see him! Except I did not go to Gainesville, I went to the lovely town of St. Augustine! I'm flew down there Thursday night, and came home today(Valentine's Day).

2. Since I flew on Thursday, I missed school on Friday. We ended up having a 'snow day,' and I did not have to use a sick day (I'll save that for later)! I am also off on Monday because it is President's Day. Missing school is always fun!

3. This is Nick's last week in Gainesville, for a while.

4. The Valentine's Weekend was spent in a fun town with good food. We also stayed in a beach condo! It was too cold to sit on the beach, but the beach is always fun!

5. My parents came with me to St. Augustine! My dad's cousins and aunt live in St. Augustine. We had a really good time visiting and eating with them.

Take a look at our trip:

Our view of the beach. Even though it was cold, it was still pretty to look at.
There was a Wii in the condo. Nick and I played a lot (he always won), but we also got momma to play! They were playing tennis with drinks in hand!
This is my great-aunt Bibba's house. I love old houses with big front porches. The trees surrounding the house are great too. Bibba has lived here for more than 45 years!

These are some other great houses heading to downtown St. Augustine.

Walking around downtown. Palm trees everywhere!

This is a Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine. We toured the inside, and it is beautiful.

More scenery around downtown.Along with palm trees, we also saw a lot of orange trees. Our cousins even had hundreds of oranges sitting on their porch. They picked them to save them from the freeze! How nice would it be to have fresh oranges all the time?Beach pictures! It was cold, but walking on the beach is always great!

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope yours was lovely!


  1. Very nice! I'll be home soon!

  2. I love the photos!! It's beautiful even if it was cold. Glad Nick's time in G'ville is winding down soon.