Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

I know it has been a while since my last post. This is not due to lack of subjects to blog about or lack of time to blog. Even though I have been working (sometimes all day), I just don't feel like blogging right when I get home from work. I am still teaching, but I don't have my summers off. This is a little hard to get used to. However, I have been taking advantage of the hot and sunny weather when I can. I like the heat. I like the sun. Yes, this may be miserable for some, but I love warm weather more than cold weather.

Now, let me tell you what has been going on lately. A lot has happened since school let out.

We had a Sunday School Crawfish party at our house. Our wonderful teacher Jim, cooked the crawfish for our class. We also had some burgers for the non-crawfish eaters. We enjoyed the food and the company. Before the party, it had been way to long since my last crawfish.

This is Jim with his family. The crawfish were excellent!
We went to watch Auburn in the NCAA Baseball Regional. We went to 2 of their 5 games. Nick's family came as well. It was such a fun weekend to hang out and enjoy baseball. With all the boiled peanuts, hot dogs, and sunflower seeds how can you not enjoy a baseball game? Everything was great, even the weather, until Auburn lost to Clemson in the championship game of the regional.
Nick has been finishing up his softball career for the year. He plays on the church league, and unfortunately they have not had a great season. It is fun to sit with all the wives and watch, but their record is not worth mentioning here. However, they are a good team. Sometimes the other teams just hit a little better. However, they did make it to the playoffs, and they won last night! I'll let you know how they do next week.
Tator came to visit. My brother George, a.k.a. Tator, stayed with us most of last week. He spent a lot of time by the pool, but he also helped me around the house. One day he folded some laundry. Another day I came home, and he was swiffering my kitchen! Everyone needs a Tator.
And of course we've been swimming. You should come join us!
I promise not to be so long on the next post!

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  1. Lucy -- I'm glad you're blogging again.

    I'm at a retreat at Vintner's Inn in Napa. You can Nick should come visit. I'm learning about good places to stay and good wineries to visit.