Sunday, January 16, 2011

National Champions!

We have finally recuperated from our trip to Arizona. We had a wonderful time cheering on the Auburn Tigers to win the National Championship!!

Let me walk you through our trip.

When we landed in Phoenix and picked up our car, the first thing we noticed was that it had an Oregon tag. We were not happy about this, and we were hoping it wasn't a bad omen.

One of two Auburn billboards in Phoenix. Awesome!We all arrived on the Sunday before the game. We spent Sunday afternoon walking around Old Scottsdale. It was a fun downtown area with restaurants and shops. One of the many cacti we saw. I was so tempted to touch one, but don't worry, I didn't. Our group, from left to right, Jeremy, Nick, me, John George, and Mary Kendall. Nick enjoying his Blue Moon. John George excited about his new Auburn/BCS shirt. Us at RnR, a restaurant/bar we hung out at most of the afternoon and evening.We even ran into Brandon Cox here. You remember him? He used to be Auburn's quarterback. This was our meal, and it was delicious. I had some spicy shrimp tacos. They were great! I'm going to try and re-create them at home. Finally, it's GAME DAY! Us with our tickets outside the stadium! We were all nervous about losing, tearing, or damaging them in any way. Luckily we found a ticket holder to wear them around necks. Nick and Jeremy. Jeremy did not go to the game, he just came along for the ride. Some fans traveled in style. This was not the only limo we saw.Before the game we ran into some friends!We also saw Robert Gibbs, Obama's former press secretary. We saw him here after the game too. He did not go to Auburn, but he grew up there.This was in front of the big shopping center where a lot of pre-game action was going on. It is unbelievable how many Auburn fans were here. One last group shot before heading to the stadium!As we walked to the stadium we eventually found ourselves in line. We didn't mean to cut, but we ended up in the front of the line to enter the stadium. Just look at the line behind us! It was great being one the first in the stadium!Finally we made it in the stadium! Our excitement and nervousness was too much to describe!!This was not Auburn's eagle, but we still yelled our WAR EAGLE cry as he landed after the National Anthem! We were fired up now! And here we go! The cheers from the crowd were awesome! Every Auburn Fan was on their feet, and we barely sat down the rest of the game. There were more Auburn people inside and outside the stadium. It was great!Notice #2 Cam Newton and #5 Michael Dyer in the right hand corner. Two great players! This was on the final drive of the game. I couldn't take a picture of the winning kick, I was too nervous! And the kick was good! Down came confetti and toilet paper!!CHAMPIONS!Michael Dyer-offensive player of the game. Nick Fairley-defensive player of the game.Picture of Toomer's Corner! The news said thousands of people were at Toomer's this night!Finally, the game was over. The toilet paper has rolled, and it was time to go home. However, the winter storm caused almost half of the Auburn family delays on the way home. We were scheduled to leave at midnight on Tuesday. Our flight was cancelled, and we were fortunate to get a flight out by Wednesday morning. As we were waiting on our hotel shuttle Tuesday, we ran into Gus Malzahn! He is Auburn's offensive coordinator! He was really nice to take a picture with us, and he is a lot taller in person than he seems on TV! We made it home, and we have done nothing but sleep and laundry. What a great trip and great game! War Eagle!

I got this picture off of Facebook. This is Toomer's the morning after the game! Isn't this awesome!


  1. I absolutely loved seeing all of your photos. BTW - You look amazing - so cute in the Cam jersey! I know I wasn't as nervous as you, but my heart was beating about a million times a minute at the very end. War Eagle!!

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