Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bump and Nursery

Hello all! I have taken a blog break for a while. Lately I have not been in the 'blog' mood. I have also been sitting by the pool on some of these warm sunny days. I swam last weekend! Don't worry, I have a nice maternity bathing suit that is very covering. I'm not trying to squeeze into old ones.

On the pregnancy front, I have about 7 weeks to go! Maybe less, if baby girl decides to appear a few days early. I'm still not feeling great, but I'm making it OK. Here is my latest bump picture. I'm still supposed to gain about a pound a week! How can I get any bigger?
She has been moving a lot! She especially likes to stay on the right side of my body and play with my rib cage. Because her movements are so strong (and visible) it makes me more anxious to meet her! When baby girl does decide to come out and meet us, her room is just about ready. She also has an assortment of outfits to choose from. I have washed everything and now her stuff is waiting on her.

My favorite part of the nursery is the fabric I found for a quilt. I found the fabric over Christmas, and my talented cousin Bibba sewed it all together for me. Now she is even working on some curtains and a pillow for the twin bed. My sister is also sewing some smaller pillows for the crib and rocking chair. I'm so glad to be related to such talented people because I certainly missed out on that gene. Maybe this baby will get it! The crib and some other goodies were given to me by my other cousin. The crib was pink, but now it looks white. All these things are great! And thanks for letting me use them Ellen! Thank God for cousins! Here are a few pictures of the nursery and some of baby girl's things.
Here is the quilt!
It was also my cousin's idea to cut out some scenes from the quilt to frame. I wanted something above the crib, but it could not be anything too big (in case it fell). So these little pictures are perfect!
This was the blanket used to bring Nick home from the hospital when he was born.
This baby has plenty of artwork in her room. These are my feet from kindergarten. I vividly remember making it in class. This is 'The Grand Catch' by Father Canonici. He is a priest, artist, and cook that lives in Madison, MS. I love his artwork. This pictures captures the story of 'the grand catch' in John 21.

For now, I'm counting down. School/work is over in 5 weeks, baby in 7. Hopefully it will fly by!


  1. So cute, Lucy! I know you are ready to meet her!

  2. Lucy -- You look great!! And your nursery is the cutest thing. I love that it's feminine but not too "frou-frou."

    I can hardly wait to see you at the end of May. Remember, your dad thought it would be super efficient if you'd just pop the baby out right after Laurie is baptized!!

    Love you--

  3. I love, love, love the quilt!!! Everything looks great, and you do too! Hopefully we'll get to meet her when we're home this summer.

  4. Gina O'ConnellApril 17, 2011 at 5:29 PM

    Hey, I love all the colors in the nursery. I think the rocking chair was in Ann & Elizabeth's nursery on St. Ann Street.

  5. Hey Lucy,

    I loved seeing the nursery!! After seeing the picture of the carseat, I wanted to let you know have the stroller system that it fits with. Mac is no longer using it if you are planning on using the car seat, I will get the stoller to you. I hope you feel better these last few weeks!! Ellen

  6. Everything is lovely! I would love to hear more about the elegant embroidered items. Are they vintage pieces or did you buy them new? Regardless, they are precious. When you're done, drop by and share your photos and nursery ideas in our nursery contest or enter a few of our giveaways!