Tuesday, May 10, 2011

4 Weeks Baby, 4 Weeks!

Here we are with 4 weeks left! I'm down to weekly visits at the doctor, and I'm getting to that uncomfortable stage. Nick and I can feel the baby so well when she moves. We keep playing 'name that body part,' but we aren't very good at telling if we can feel an elbow or a knee. We can't wait to meet her!

36 weeks
My biggest craving lately has been Coke. Diet will do, but I prefer a real Coke-Cola. Yellow mustard is another. I normally like mustard, but these days I can't get enough on my turkey sandwich. I've also been wanting sweets.

I made this strawberry milkshake with left over strawberries from my pavlova and vanilla ice cream.
I made a Hershey's chocolate cake. The recipe is on the back of the cocoa package. Nick doesn't like chocolate, so yes I am the only one eating this. I'll probably finish it by the weekend.
I've also made coke floats. Yum!
So if I start puffing up more you know I can't blame it all on pregnancy.

I have also been trying to walk and swim a lot. It has been hot these past couple of days, and the pool feels wonderful! I even bought a new float today. It's pink in honor of baby girl!

I hope you are keeping cool! Summer is just about here!

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  1. Lucy -- You look absolutely gorgeous and you definitely deserve to drink cokes, eat chocolate cake, and basically do whatever you want!!

    I am so excited to see you soon.