Monday, January 16, 2012

FITNESS; Drinking Water

This is one of many posts on fitness. 

January is usually a time of getting fit and loosing weight. I am no expert,  and my body proves it, but I do have a few tips (my ideas) on fitness.

These are ideas that have worked for me. They are also ideas that make me feel good.

The first installment of FITNESS is the easiest of all my 'tips.' 
Tip number one: drink water.

I have read in several places that 8 cups of water is the recommended amount to drink every day. This always sounded like a lot of water. However, after some research, 8 cups of water literally means drinking 8 ounces of water 8 times throughout the day. Not 8 huge glasses of water. 

In some other articles, I found that your lifestyle determines how much water you should drink.  The more you exercise (sweat), the more you need to drink. The healthier you are, the less you need to drink. Those were some points made arguing against the idea of drinking a lot water.  

I got to a point where I was hardly drinking any water. I'm not saying you have to drink 8 cups to survive, but I think striving towards a goal might help drinking water become a habit. 

This is my usual drinking cup. 
This is 16 oz or 2 cups of water. 
I keep one glass throughout the entire day. I don't refill it until I finish the water that's already in my cup.

On my first day of trying to drink the right amount of water, I drank all 8 cups by 4 pm. Therefore by the end of the day I drank 10 to 12 glasses before I hit the sack.

I also recommend to stop drinking about an hour or two before going to bed-because you know why. 

Drinking water is good for your hair and skin.

Water removes toxins from your body (that's what the internet says).

It keeps dehydration away which is good for your entire body.

Drinking water before a meal can also help you feel full sooner. Therefore you won't over eat.
This is a common problem for me. I eat til I'm miserable.

Sometimes in the afternoon I feel hungry, but I'm not sure what I want. So I start to eat chips.

Nope that's not it.

Then I eat chocolate.

That's not what I wanted either.

I continue to eat until I'm finally full of junk that I don't feel very good.

If I would only drink a cup of water I might have been more satisfied. Hunger can sometimes masquerade itself  with thirst . So when you are achin' for a snack, drink some water and re-asses your hunger.

I am by no means suggesting to starve yourself. When you are hungry, EAT. Just make sure what you are eating will fill you up and won't leave you wanting more.

The point is to DRINK WATER. Eat when you are hungry. Stop when you are full. Drink some more water.

Click here, here, and here to read more on why water is beneficial for your health and how much you should drink.
More FITNESS to come soon.

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  1. such a basic concept and yet i struggle with this daily. i'm dehydrated as i type.

    great tips.