Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Much Needed Vacation

Two Saturdays ago, Nick and I basically had to wake up Millie so we could leave for our trip. We were heading to Meridian, MS to drop Millie with his parents. 

Nick and I were going on vacation alone! This was my fist time to be Millie-less for more than 3 hours since her birth. 

Leading up to the trip we kept wondering if she would be ok without us for 3 days. Then Nick would say, "well if she cries, we won't hear it." Might sound a little harsh, but it was the truth. Dropping her off wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I was ready to relax with my toes in the sand and a book and a beer without chasing Millie or cleaning up her spilled milk. 

The drive from Meridian to Fort Morgan mostly looked like this. A lot of road with nowhere to stop. 
It took a while, but we eventually made it to the ferry. Riding the ferry was really neat. However, if you ever ride the ferry, to avoid sea-sickness, don't get in the car on the ferry. I'm just warning you.
Including the ferry ride, we traveled about 7 hours to finally get here!
And if you are worrying about how Millie was doing, we got several picture messages. I don't think she missed us.
As for us, we were enjoying another day in paradise.
Nick and I were so tired the first two nights that after dinner we went right to bed. But on the third night we decided to walk on the beach. Then we saw this.
We just made it to the steps of our condo when the rain and lightning started.
The view at dinner one night. I enjoyed some good fried oysters.
We also saw a small red fox run through the parking lot. 
The view from our room on the last day. It is always hard to leave the beach on a pretty day.
We enjoyed some good seafood and plenty of relaxation on the beach. We are really appreciative to our babysitters. Baby at the beach would not be so relaxing.
We finally reunited with our baby and drove up to Greenville for a few more days of vacation. 
You know you are in the delta when this is all you see for miles.
We had to go to Doe's. It was wonderful. They are famous for their steaks, but I have gotten the spaghetti the past couple of times. Maybe I'm weird, but the spaghetti was really good.
Another sign of the Delta are Millie's mosquito bites after sitting outside for a short time. They are much better in this picture. At one time her eye was swollen, and her body started having an allergic reaction. The bites have still not completely gone away.
She discovered puzzles.
My mom told me about a new drink. White wine and fresca with strawberries, lemons, and limes.It was delicious! It also cuts calories and stays cold longer than white wine alone. Just make sure the fresca is cold. We added in a few ice cubes because we were sitting outside. You could also freeze the strawberries. 
It was also a pretty drink.
More front porch pictures. If you missed the cozy coop photo shoot click HERE.
This child loves ice. Just give her a cup of ice, and she is good for a while.
Just playing with my camera.
Swimming on the porch. Millie did this for over 2 hours one afternoon.
Nick's project for this trip was to tear down the old fence and build a new fence. This is Nick's 4th fence. If the engineering gig doesn't work out, he is going to become a fence builder.

I didn't take any before pictures. They weren't pretty. It took Nick one day to cut down all the vines and trees. But here are some partly finished pictures.

Just playing in the kitchen.
We thoroughly enjoyed our entire vacation. We made it home on Memorial Day. It was so hot, I wanted to jump in the pool before the car was unloaded. Nick made me unload the car first. 

I hope you had a good Memorial Day, and I hope the start of your summer has been cool and enjoyable. 
Now we are preparing for Millie's 1st birthday party! 

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  1. Lucy - thanks for posting such great photos!! It looks like y'all had a wonderful trip. The beach photos were great, and the storm was MOST impressive. And I always love seeing Millie. Her bites are something!! It doesn't look like they slow her down, though. Keep taking those pictures and posting and happy early birthday to Millie.