Sunday, March 24, 2013

Busy Days

I hate when I don't update the blog very often. The truth is that we have been busy, and I haven't been feeling great. So my free time and blog time has been spent resting on the couch.

A few weekends ago Millie went to her first Easter egg hunt.
She was practicing before we left for party. 
She was more into swinging and sliding than hunting eggs. I also ate all the candy. 
This was before we left for the egg hunt. I just like this picture. She really wanted to get on the other side of the fence. By the way, the pool is now uncovered, and new herbs are planted in our little garden. This year we are attempting to grow lettuce and blueberries. I'll let you know how it goes. 

I've also been cooking a lot. I have recently made some orange scones and pad thai. I'll post the recipes soon.

Last weekend we finally received a play set that was ordered a month ago. It came with all of these screws and wood, but no instructions were included. We searched the Internet before Nick tracked down the company that actually made the swing set. He called and was able to get them to email us the instructions. They couldn't send the instructions until Saturday around 10:30, so this delayed Nick about a day and half.
Once we got the instructions, Millie and Nick spent the rest of Saturday putting it together. 
Millie has loved the play set! 
These pictures were taken last Sunday. She is in her Auburn gear because her dad took her to an Auburn baseball game.
Then he took her to Toomer's to get some lemonade and see the trees. 
Nick said she started crying when he told her the trees are dead. I'm glad he got this picture, even though the trees aren't very pretty. They are taking the trees down later in April. 
Millie also had her first egg dying experience last week.
Thank you Jessica Govan for the pictures below, and thank you Laura for having us over! 
This past week one of our neighbors cut down a magnolia tree and put it on the street. I got my hedge clippers and cut a lot leaves to make a magnolia wreath. I'll share more about that later. Below is not even a fraction of the leaves I got.

The rest of our time has been filled with tutoring, laundry (Thank you to Nick who did the laundry. It was a lot of laundry, and it seemed to never end.), running errands, eating with friends, resting, and feeling the new baby kick around in my stomach! This is an amazing feeling, and I don't mind feeling bad for my little baby. One week from tomorrow and well know if it is baby girl or baby boy!

I'll conclude with these cuties. This was yesterday in our backyard.

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  1. love all the pictures! I am excited to find out about your baby!