Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Grand

A few weeks ago, Nick, James, and I spent a night at the Grand Hotel. Millie stayed home with my in-laws. Nick has a conference there in October, but we had to go down there to do some planning. I had one meeting (for the spouse's program during the conference), and the rest of the time James and I did some exploring around the resort. It is a wonderful little vacation spot. 

I also used this opportunity to get some much needed pictures of James.
View from our room
While waiting on Nick, James and I sat by the pool. There is a huge pool with a splash pad and big water slide. Unfortunately I didn't get in because it was a bit chilly, and I forgot swimmy diapers. I'm looking forward to returning in October. 


  1. James is a cutie patootie! I love his smile! And the trip looks wonderful. So glad you got to take this little excursion.

  2. Carl had a meeting there and I loved it! Love the pictures of James!