Thursday, July 31, 2014


Let's start with our 4th of July pictures. We had some friends over. We swam, and Nick grilled some tasty chicken. 
Everyone brought something. It was a feast! And the desserts weren't even pictured. My friend Emily, made a beautiful flag cake that I wish I could show you.
Once a few guest left, we pulled out the fireworks.

We have gone to the river a few times.

We've also gone to the farmer's market almost weekly. Millie's baby even likes to come along. This baby has also gone to school and the church nursery over the past few weeks. 

We had some old friends stay with us while touring colleges. I used to babysit this teenager when she was James's age.

He is so close to walking. Five steps is the most he will take at one time. 

We went to a fun Frozen party, and Millie has finally memorized all of "Let It Go."

We've also been playing hard. 

One morning we went with some friends to see Madagascar for $1. Millie enjoyed it despite her expressions in the pictures. James was with 3 other babies with a babysitter.
 Millie would not participate in the group photo.

More Farmer's Market. 
This was during a week that my mom was here. We loaded up on some tomatoes. They were some of the best I've ever had!

Of course we've had a lot of pool time. Usually the only way to get her out of the water is to offer her some sort of frozen treat. 

Millie loves to make big pallets on the floor. On this particular night, all four us were on the pallet, and we watched Disney's Secret Wings. It is a Tinkerbell movie, but it is really cute. We've also enjoyed Pirate Fairy (this is the third of the fairy movies; it also has Captain Hook when he had two hands!).

This guy will be ONE in less than a month! His personality is starting to shine!
 There is nothing cuter than a baby in a bubble outfit. I wish he had a few more.

He is also starting to climb everything!

We've had a beautiful week with temperatures only in the 80's. One morning it was 59 degrees! I took advantage of the weather and went on some walks. These kids enjoyed them too.

To finish up the month of July, we joined some friends at a splash pad about 25 minutes away from home. First thing Millie wanted to do when we arrived was to eat lunch.

I hope all of you have enjoyed your summer. June and July have gone by fast. Millie has a few days of preschool left. She has a few weeks off before going back in September. We are hoping to swim, play, and relax before the busyness of fall starts.


  1. Wow, Lucy - looks wonderful. I love, love, love the many photos. Enjoy the rest of your summer and happy first birthday to James!

  2. I love your rug in the living room or is it the play room? Do you mind sharing where you got it?

    1. Thanks! It is from Pottery Barn. It is at least 4 years old, but they had it in their catalogue for a long time. Any pottery barn rug I've is very durabable