Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Recent Travels

I've been wanting to blog for weeks, but I just kept putting it off. We were out of town several times over the past two months. Nick's work schedule has also been different lately, so blogging has been last on my list. I have many pictures, recipes, and home updates to share.

I will start by sharing some pictures of our trip to Mississippi back in September. Nick and I both had our 10 year high school reunions within a week of each other. The children and I spent a week and a half in Mississippi, and Nick came home in between the reunions. We had a great time at both reunions catching up with old friends.

While we were in Mississippi, we went to the McCarty Pottery studio. I love McCarty! I have a lot of it in my house, but I have never been to the studio. It is about an hour from my parents' house. I loved seeing all the pottery, and Millie had fun running around the garden.

Mr. McCarty himself was there, and he gave Millie and James their own blue birds.


While we were there we also walked down to my aunt and uncle's house to play in their cute playhouse. 


Spending time in Mississippi is always refreshing. I also accomplished some much needed shopping, exercising, and relaxing. Since then we have also been to the beach. Those pictures will be coming soon!

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  1. Precious Millie - and what beautiful photos! Loved seeing these and look forward to more.