Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Beach 2015

This past May we went to the beach with Nick's parents and his sister and her family.
I just got the picture above and below printed and framed in our playroom, and I just love them!

My nephew is one month older than Millie, and my niece is just a year younger than them. All the children enjoyed playing (and snacking) with each other.
I love candid beach pictures! The lighting is always good, and it is so fun to catch the kids enjoying themselves in the sun, sand and water!

One essential item we packed on our beach trip was a big shovel. We used it to dig holes and mountains. Nick built this little swimming hole for the kids to play in. They loved it, and it allowed them to stay close to us when we got tired of yelling at them to "run back this way!"
James on the side of our mountain.
There were 6 adults and 4 children. I was able to read a little bit when I was not on kid duty. I started re-reading Harry Potter. I'm on book 6 now, and once again I can't put it down! 
We stayed in a place right on the beach. It was so easy to walk back and forth to our place. Nick and I were even able to go out to Red Bar one night. It was wonderful!

We were hoping to make it back during the summer, but we were not able to. Can't wait to go back! I love the beach!

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  1. Oh my goodness - I love these pictures. James and Millie are so wonderful and Nick was brilliantly smart in building the pool. I love the photo of James just sitting so happily with water up to his waist.

    Thank you for posting, Lucy!!!