Monday, September 21, 2015

Summer Picture Overload

Here is a summary of our summer! Check our these post to see about our summer birthdays and our new nieces!

Here's what we did all summer.

We swam and ate Popsicles.

We learned all about Jonah at VBS.

We swam with friends and ate more Popsicles.

We went to Mississippi.

We played dress up.

We went swimming.

 We rode on the boat.

We hung out with friends.

We enjoyed the zinnias we planted.

We went swimming.

We loved seeing many butterflies and humming birds enjoy the zinnias.

We played dress up. 

We went to see The Little Mermaid.

We played with cousins.

We went swimming.

We went to the zoo.

We went swimming, and we sometimes set up a tent to play in.

We snuggled and watched TV.

We spent a weekend at Ross Bridge with family. 

We enjoyed more zinnias.

We watched ballet on the riverfront.

We got our first hair cut at 4 years old!

We played dress up. 

I read all the Harry Potters.

We played dress up.

We got new toys. 

We went to Mississippi.

We went to the splash pad.

We went strolling.

We played, and Millie discovered that she loves watching The Pioneer Woman (1st season is on Netflix).

I got a new phone, and I didn't have a picture on it. So I took one of this kid.

And we went swimming.

The summer went by fast, as always. It had it's ups and downs. Even though I love summer, I've never looked forward to fall more!

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  1. Hooray - I love EVERY one of these pictures. Looks like a spectacular summer!