Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sweet or Salty?

Nick and I are alike in some ways, but today we laughed as we realized how different we can be. I have always loved sweets. Nick does not. He doesn't even like chocolate. I try not to hold this against him. Since we have been married, I have not eaten as many sweets as I have previously in my life. There is one time when we were first married that I made a chocolate cake. I ate half of it before throwing the rest out because I was feeling guilty about eating the entire thing all by myself.

My family likes to make fun of Nick for being a "picky eater." However, the longer we have been married, the more I realize that he is not that picky. He often orders the most exotic item on a menu, and if I ask nicely, he tries almost anything.

This afternoon I made a little snack.

Yummy, strawberries dipped in chocolate!

They were fabulous. The worst part was waiting on the chocolate to cool and harden on the strawberries. As I was enjoying my treat with a glass of white wine, Nick was eating cold fried chicken, with cold ketchup, and a beer. One thing we have not compromised on is ketchup. He likes it cold. I like it room temp. To solve our problem, we have two different ketchups.

This afternoon we laughed as we realized how satisfying our two different snacks were from each other. So whatever your favorite is, sweet or savory, I hope you can enjoy it as much as I did these strawberries!

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  1. At least you both like ketchup! I eat so much of that that I've begun to buy "sugar free" ketchup.

    I wish I could figure out how to make my own.