Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dove Bites

I know I'm over a week late for this post, but on Labor Day weekend Nick and I traveled to my parents' house in Greenville, MS, along with the Stephens. We had a grand time!I enjoyed watching Toy Story with Stephen Small on our way to Greenville.

I forgot how funny that movie is! Should I see Toy Story 2 and 3?

Nick, Stephen Grande, and my dad had fun dove hunting almost the entire weekend. My mom and I enjoyed watching Stephen Small. My Saturday consisted of playing with Stephen while watching tennis (U.S. Open) and football. I couldn't ask for a more relaxing day.

Saturday night Stephen enjoyed the Auburn game in his Auburn attire.

Isn't this the cutest thing? I wish I had such a spirited outfit! I love the tiger on the shirt.

Later we gave him a shaker. He eventually got the hang of it, and pulled Auburn through to a victory!

Sunday we drove over the brand new bridge to my cousins' lake house in Arkansas. This bridge is dramatically better than the old one. I don't feel like I'm going to fall off the side anymore.

New Bridge

Old Bride (it was only 2 lanes)

The men had several successful hunts. We enjoyed their hunt in the form of dove bites.

Dove Bites:

Take half a piece of bacon, place some cream cheese and a slice of jalapeno pepper between two dove breast, and secure with a toothpick. Our dove was soaked in hoover sauce before the wrapping process. Hoover sauce is a tasty sauce found in MS. Grill the dove bites and enjoy.

They are delicious!!

This is my dad and me preparing the bites. Don't you like my apron and side ponytail?

Hopefully Stephen will cheer Auburn to another victory this weekend!



  1. I am so glad to see your post. SS is adorable!! And so are you in your Scotland apron! And the dove bites look amazing.