Friday, October 8, 2010

It's For Our Birthday!

Welcome to October!

Who doesn't like October?

I love October for several reasons. It is officially fall when October hits. I'm able to wear all my fall clothes. I have a lot of orange to wear. The weather cools off in October. There are some fun football games to attend and watch on TV this month. And it is our birthday month! Nick's was the 4th. Mine is the 18th. This year we celebrate the big 25!

We are only a few days into the month and we have already celebrated our births a lot. Everything we have spent money on, we say, "Oh, that's fine. It's for our birthdays!"

For example, we are doing some home projects, for our birthday.
We have gone out to eat, for our birthday.
We (I) have been shopping, for our birthday.
We are going to a concert, for our birthday.

You get the idea. Therefore we are not getting each other individual gifts to open on our special day. We are just using our birthdays as an excuse to do fun things throughout the month. Including eating the cupcake in the picture above. We got a few Nancy Patterson strawberry cupcakes. They are one of the only sweets Nick will eat and enjoy. I haven't had one in a while, and I forgot how delicious they are!

I hope our birthdays don't get too expensive, or we are going to have to start saying, "it's for Christmas" instead.

Happy October!!

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  1. Happy birthday month to both of you!! Those cupcakes look amazing.