Sunday, December 5, 2010

Going to the Ship!

Atlanta was AUesome! We went to see the Auburn Tigers win the SEC Championship! Nick, my cousin John George, and I left Montgomery early Saturday morning. We parked close to the stadium and walked around, found some friends, and tailgated before entering the stadium. Our friend Austin was able to get us tickets. It was fun to sit with a group of friends at the game, and we had great seats! They were in the upper deck on the 50 yard line.

WARNING: Many pictures below.

Tailgating outside the Georgia Dome

Tiger Walk! View from our seats!

Fun group to cheer with!

Final Score!

The toilet paper started rolling!Auburn won!
I love this picture of Chizik and Cam! One last victory picture in the stadium!
After the game we headed home to Montgomery. One of the best parts of the night was stopping in Auburn to roll Toomer's Corner! We brought a roll in the car. It was awesome! The corner was covered with the most toilet paper I have ever seen!! It looked like snow!The last time Auburn was undefeated and won the SEC Championship I was a freshman. I went to the game in Atlanta and then to the Sugar Bowl. But this win was so much better because now we are heading to the National Championship in Arizona!! I've already picked out my game day attire in the picture below!


  1. Y'all are true fans!
    I love the jersey!

  2. I agree with SB. You and Nick are true believers! No team with a name like "ducks" should be national champions! WAR EAGLE!!!

  3. I agree with Dr. Beck. A tiger has sharp teeth and claws. What's a duck gonna do? Web you to death?