Monday, October 17, 2011

Mondays and Soup

Happy Monday! I enjoy Monday mornings. It means getting back to routine. Back to regularly scheduled TV, dishes, and laundry. Mondays are a day to recover from a busy weekend.

This busy weekend started with Millie's first trip to Auburn.

We tailgated and got home in time to watch the game on TV.
We enjoyed the victory along with a bowl of Mexican soup. Mexican soup is not to be confused with taco soup. They are two different soups.
For the first time I cooked with frozen veggies. This saved time, effort, and dishes. I love using fresh ingredients, but it can be trouble sometimes (especially when a lot of chopping is involved).
Recipe for Mexican Chicken Soup click HERE. You don't have to cook chicken breast to get shredded chicken. I used some strips that were in my freezer. Cook with what you've got!
I also like this recipe because it uses tortilla strips to thicken the soup. Once it's cooked, they look like noodles.
I topped my soup with cheddar cheese, sour cream, and crushed tortilla chips. I think some fresh jalapeno would be good too.

This weekend I also added a little color to one white wall in Millie's room.

white wall

white picture frames
white bed
All the white has been bothering me for a while.

So I painted the frames pink.

It brightens up the wall a little bit.And just because it's Monday, and I think she's precious, here are some photos of Millie. Hope you have a good Monday, even if you're not a Monday type of person!


  1. glad to know that y'all ate Mexican soup over the weekend. i was going to make chicken tortilla soup for your b-days but i have a back up plan.

    like the pink frames.

    also like the pic of M with her nose crinkled. CUTE.

  2. I love the pink frames, but I love the photos of Millie even more. What a doll! Happy early b'day. I hope its a good one.