Monday, October 10, 2011

Nothing But Donuts and Tina Treats

We spent a quiet weekend at home.

I churned cream into butter.

OK, I didn't churn it. I whipped it with my mixer.

I started by pouring 1 cup of room temperature cream into a col
d mixing bowl.
Whip until the cream deflates and you see liquid starting to form in the bottom of the bowl (past th
e whip cream stage). When you see the liquid, you have made butter in buttermilk.
Strain to get rid of the buttermilk. Rinse with a little cold water to help drain all the buttermilk. This may take a few minutes. Then you have butter!

At this point you could mix it with roasted garlic or honey for flavored butter.
No, I'm not going to make my own butter from now on. But I often find myself with left over cream from other recipes or from serving it with coffee. Now I can actually use the cream instead of letting it go bad in the fridge.

I also made a darn good Bloody Mary in a jar.

Fill a large mason jar with ice.
Add 2 shots of vodka.
Fill the rest with Zing-Zang Bloody Mary Mix.
Now the reason for the jar.
ut the lid on and shake.
Add a squeeze of lime.
And later when all the bloody mary stuff settles on the bottom, put the lid back on and shake again.

I think this is a good way to serve them at a party. Fix the bloody mary minus the ice. Your guest can fill their jar with ice and shake it themselves. This saves you from making drinks during the entire party. I plan to use this idea sometime but with margaritas.

This giggling girl just turned 4 months old.
She has also mastered the art of rolling over.
Nick accomplished many chores. Along with cleaning out the garage, he officially closed the pool for the year.
And it was my turn to take breakfast to Sunday School. I planned to take tina treats. Mid baking I realized I didn't have enough time. We left the treats on the kitchen counter, and stopped by Publix on the way to church to pick up donuts.
We can have as many as 18 or as little as 4 in our class. Yesterday we had 6. In other words, when I got home, I had over a dozen donuts and a dozen tina treats.

The only things I ate yesterday (breakfast,lunch, dinner) were donuts and tina treats.

I know you're jealous of all the food and drinks I indulged in this weekend.

My stomach hurt a little when I got in the bed last night.

I'm now going to run around the block neighborhood.


  1. Lucy -- Loves these posts! I have never heard of making your own butter. Wow - move over Martha Stewart.

    Speaking of moving, Millie gets cuter in every photo. I just posted a comment on FB saying that she looks like she's "itching" to crawl. I think the rolling over is the beginning of it all.

    Love to you, Nick, and Millie.

  2. Donuts, tina treats, homemade butter, and bloody Marys. As long as you eat healthy that's the main thing. You might want to throw in some gummy bears so you will cover the 4 main food groups.

  3. good tip about the cream.

    lol about doc's gummy bear comment.