Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Week in MS

We spent all last in Mississippi. Saturday to Saturday. We spent all but one night in Greenville. Our first night in Greenville was spent celebrating my uncle Ronnie's 50th birthday! We went to Doe's first, and then we ended the night at my aunt's where Ronnie sang and played the piano.
Don't judge it by the walls. 

We spent one of our nights in Tunica because Nick had some meetings. Nick left the meeting early on Monday morning because an ice storm was headed our way. It was sleeting the whole way from Tunica to Greenville (2 hours). Ice accumulated on the roads, and the bridges looked a little scary. We saw one wreck on a bridge. Anyways we made it back safely.
It was a cold few days. Nick took these pictures. I was too cold to even step outside. The first day the sun came out was the day it snowed all over the rest of the state.  We didn't mind missing the snow. We had enough of the cold and cloudy days.

Nick spent some time hunting, and I spent some time resting. Mid week Laurie joined us. Millie and Laurie had a ball. They are together a lot, but they are not usually together from sun up to sun down for 4 days straight. They copied each other, talked, played, and fought a little. They would sometimes fight over Lovie (my mom) or 'Monie' as Millie would say.
 They ate cake for lunch one day. 
I saw a quote on Pinterest that said, "A grandparent's house is where cousins become best friends."
 They also fight over Nick.
Millie was scared of the hair dryer until she saw Laurie using it. 

We had a good week away. I am just now adjusting back to our routine of feeding ourselves, laundry, and errand running. Thanks for having us Lovie and Doc. 

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  1. Oh these photos! The one of Laurie drying Millie's hair is so, so, so precious!! And the ones of them eating cake together. Great thing to do at grandparents' houses!