Thursday, February 7, 2013


I've been blogging at a slower rate lately. I have some things to blog about, but I either have trouble putting it into words or life just gets in the way.

I'll just hit the highlights of this week. 

Saturday I got some new make up and a hair cut. I decided to start getting nicer face make up. I don't really mind the drug store stuff, but I can never get the right color or product. At the clinique counter I got my face cleaned by a clarisonic (said to clean 6 times better than just washing your face with your hands). It felt like a face massage. Then the make up lady showed me how to properly apply my new make up (another reason I wanted to go get the good stuff is because that is something I should already know at the age of 27). I really think this make up covers better and stays put longer. I'm also using some new make up brushes. That makes a big difference too. I didn't get any eye make up because I still have a lot, and there are some eye products that I don't think I need to spend a lot of money on right now.  
I love my new hair cut. My old hairdo was in my way. It was always in my face, and I was wearing it the same boring way everyday. Now I don't even have to put anything in it to stay out of my face. 
It went from this...
 To this..
And I did not color my hair even though it looks different colors in the pictures. A lot of damaged hair was cut off. 

Millie and I have also been walking a lot in this beautiful weather. It was 70 degrees the past couple of days. 

On Tuesday I deep cleaned my kitchen during nap time. The dirtiness was driving me crazy. We are still in the middle of fixing up our kitchen. So I wasn't into cleaning the floor much because I thought it would just get dirty when the next project comes. However, it has been a while since any progress has been made, and our floors needed some heavy duty swiffering. Now it is Thursday, and the floors look like they did before I cleaned them. 

The other night I went to a consignment sale. I'm so thankful one of my friends gave me a pass to shop early.  I found some really cute things for Millie. It is easy to get carried away. There is so much stuff. I put back more than half of what I originally wanted. When I added up the prices of all my items, it came out to the exact amount of money I made tutoring this week. I thought that was a sign not to buy any more.
Some of my favorites are this cute corduroy dress. 
 And this precious pink coat.
She liked the modeling. 

I've been cooking a lot. But I haven't made any new dishes. I've been sticking to old faithfuls like, chili, stuffed shells, Mexican casserole, and steak and potatoes. Millie is a good eater. She usually eats what we eat. I was struggling with Millie's meal time, not because of what she ate but when she ate. She would want dinner at 5 when it wouldn't be ready for another hour or so. Then she would want to eat again when we were eating, and I was tired of fixing her dinner twice. I've finally gotten better at giving her snacks. Even if the snack isn't until 5, it is something that satisfies her so that she still wants dinner at 6:30. So for now the family dinner is working out ok. 

Millie has grown so much over the past couple of months. She will be 20 months tomorrow. She says a new word every day. It amazes me every time she learns something. She has also gotten really good at relaxing. 
She likes to get in our bed to watch Rella (Cinderella). 
She also likes to drag everything out of her bed and carry it to her relaxing spot. It may not look like a lot of stuff, but there are many stuffed animals under all those pillows. 
If it is nice this weekend I'd like to take Millie to the zoo. We went for the very first time last week, and Millie loved it. We saw all the animals and rode the train. It is a good place to burn some energy on a pretty day. 
It has taken me a while to even write this post because Millie kept interrupting me. Now she is asleep, and I'm hoping to get some things done. This time I think I'll read instead of mopping the kitchen.

Have a good weekend. 


  1. LOVE your new hair!! And Millie is a little model. I love the way she completely owns that pink coat1

  2. I loved the peek into your day. Loved Millie in the pink coat! She rocked the photo shoot!