Friday, May 17, 2013

5 Years

This was 5 years ago today!
This morning I prayed and thanked God for a husband. Then I stopped and thanked Him for a good husband. There is a difference. I am so thankful to have a God loving, hardworking, dedicated, patient, dish-washing, ironing, diaper changing, the list could go on, type of husband. 
leaving the wedding

This was yesterday. 
We went to celebrate with lunch at the Marina (a place on the river that has really good fried grouper). We sat outside. It was a beautiful day. Nick has a work lunch today or we would have gone today. 
We also went out more than once the week Millie was at my parents. 
notice the boat on the left has a slide

We hope to go somewhere fun, like the beach, to celebrate next year. This year we are taking it easy and counting our blessings.
25 weeks (a little cheesy, but I like the documentation) 

I bought this dress for our honeymoon. We went to Mexico, and I thought this dress was appropriate. It was a little big when I bought it. This dress is still in good shape, I still like it, and it fits well as a maternity dress. Most of the other dresses I bought around the time I got married don't fit anymore (pregnant or not). 
This is me in the dress in Mexico. Photo quality isn't very good on my five year old pictures. 
Happy Anniversary Nick! It has been a good five years. I am making fish tacos and margaritas tonight. The margaritas are more for Nick than me, but I may take a sip. Maybe sometime we can go back to Mexico! 

I love you! 

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  1. Happy, happy, happy anniversary. You did get a good husband and he got a terrific and darling wife. The dress is precious. You look terrific, and Millie is wonderful! Enjoy your evening.