Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Week to Myself

Two weekends ago my parents came to visit. We had a great weekend together (especially since last time they were here everyone got the stomach bug).

An afternoon at the zoo
We also celebrated my nephew's baptism. 
When my parents left, they took Millie with them. She stayed in Mississippi from Sunday to Friday. We missed her terribly, but we also enjoyed some time to ourselves. 
I spent the first day without Millie cleaning out mine and Millie's closets. It is much easier to get rid of old clothes when you are pregnant. I also ran a bunch of errands, enjoyed lunch with friends, relaxed, and I watched something on TV other than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. On my list of things to do that week, I completed 5 out of 9. Not too bad in my opinion.
(organizing clothes)

Another great thing about last week was that I didn't have to cook dinner. We picked up dinner on Sunday night, ate at Bible study Monday night, and we went out Tuesday and Thursday night. I did have to cook some BBQ for a church thing Wednesday night, but it was simple since it involved the crock pot. I enjoy cooking, but it was very relaxing not having to plan and prepare dinner all week. 
I know Millie had a good time in Mississippi. She has come back saying new phrases and requesting new shows to watch. She also keeps talking about Lovie and Doc.
On Friday we met my mom in Mississippi to get our girl back. We spent the weekend with Nick's family celebrating my niece and nephew's birthdays.

After traveling and being gone from home for so long, it has taken us both a few days to get back in our routines. But I'm back to changing diapers and cooking dinner. I'm glad she is back home. Thanks Lovie and Doc for keeping my Millie. I really needed a week to myself.

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  1. Lucy, I honestly don't think Millie can get any cuter. And she looks so much like you - especially in the picture with Laurie/Lovie. Her little monogrammed jumper/ onesie ia juar adorable!! Glad you got a lot done while she was away, and I hope you're feeling great!