Monday, July 15, 2013

Kitchen Updates

Back in February and March we fixed up our kitchen and laundry room. We got rid of the popcorn ceilings, painted the walls, and built a larger pantry.

These pictures are from back in December.
The coats and bags were getting on my nerves. I needed somewhere to put them.
One of the first things I wanted done during our renovating process was something like this (minus the green striped door).

or this...
found here

Nick woke up Saturday morning with nothing on his project list. So I convinced him to build us a place to put our coats and bags. 

We went from this in March...
to this...
 and finally to this...
All of our stuff had been piling up in this kitchen chair. Not only was this chair preventing the laundry room door from shutting, it was also tempting to nosy toddlers. Also notice the swaddled baby on the washing machine. Millie had given her a bath in the sink, and she needed to dry off. I was waiting on the dryer to finish so I could throw her in. It wasn't a waterproof baby doll.
I love having a place to hang bags and coats (in the winter) instead of piling them in spaces we need to eat or sit.
Also, we finally changed out our kitchen chandelier. I have never liked this chandelier.
I didn't want to replace it until we fixed up the rest of our kitchen. The glass top of the chandelier created a lot of shadows, and the light in the middle didn't work. Actually, the bulb would never come out, so we never replaced it.
 Through a local Facebook group I bought this new brushed nickle chandelier.
It gives out much more light with no shadows. We will eventually change out all the hardware on the cabinets to match.
Even though it had old wiring, Nick was still able to install it himself. He did it with no trouble, except for my indecisiveness about the height of the light.
I think we are done working on the kitchen until after brother arrives. It may even be into next year.

Things left to upgrade: 
new dishwasher
pull out old double ovens and replace with cabinets
lay tile around oven
replace hardware
paint cabinets
inserts in can lights

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  1. Lucy, it looks great. Nick Freeman is the best construction man and a pretty good husband too! Your house is wonderful.