Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

We had a very laid back 4th of July. It rained all day. We didn't have plans to go any where or invite any one over. Nick even went into work this morning for a few hours so that he could be off tomorrow.
Mil and I played inside all morning. She also got her first mani-pedi. She looks like such a big girl with painted nails. 
I tried so hard to get a good picture of Mil in her only red, white, and blue outfit. I know the picture below is  black and white, but the lighting inside wasn't very good this morning.
 We finally went outside about 5 o'clock.
We did go outside one other time. The three of us went to Lowe's mid day to get things like light bulbs, stain for a dresser, and outlet covers. Exciting stuff. 
 We also took naps and watched movies this afternoon. 
It felt great outside tonight. We sat outside for a while and talked about how much we have enjoyed our day of doing nothing. We actually enjoyed a rainy 4th. We also couldn't believe that today is only Thursday. Nick will be off tomorrow, so we still have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to relax and do fun chores like finish getting brother's room ready. It is also supposed to be a 60%-90% chance of rain all weekend. 
 Nick grilled some BBQ chicken and corn. It was delicious.
In true 4th of July fashion, we had dinner on paper plates.  We didn't want to ruin our lazy day by doing a bunch of dishes. 
Then we enjoyed some apple pie. This is Nick's favorite dessert, and I haven't made it since last 4th of July.Click here for recipe.
I told him I would try to make it more often. I also said that if I made it more often, then I would probably end up eating more of it than him. He agreed. My sweet tooth is out of control. Thankfully I passed my three hour glucose test.
 Today I am 32 weeks.
 Brother will be delivered at 39 weeks exactly, so only 7 weeks to go!
Thank you to all who have fought for this country and my freedom. Thank you Lord for my precious family and a wonderful relaxing holiday.

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  1. Love the photos. Millie is always darling and that last one of you and her is absolutely wonderful.

    Take care of yourself during this last "run" to delivery!