Friday, October 25, 2013


I love October for many reasons. I love the change of colors, the transition to boots and scarves, soups and chili, and the cooler weather. It is also mine and Nick's birthday month! 

I didn't mean for this post to be another picture overload, but this month has gone by way too fast. 
This was Millie pre-flu shot.
I was not able to get a post-flu shot picture.
We decided to get crafty one morning. 
The closest we've gotten at matching outfits.
We went to Auburn earlier this month for the Auburn/Ole Miss game. My aunt and uncle got a tent from the Tailgate Guys, and the set up was perfect. I just wish I would have gotten more pictures of the grown up cousins.
James's first trip to Auburn. 
Several years ago in the Grove, at the AU/Ole Miss game, Nick found a wondering toddler on his way out of the Grove. Nick couldn't let him just walk into the street, so after asking all the surrounding adults, he picked up the child. Nick carried the child for about ten minutes before the frantic parents found him. They were grateful for not letting their child wonder away. So we decided to tattoo all the children with names and phone numbers (pictured above) in case this happened to us. Thankfully, we didn't have that problem.
Tall George (a new nick name since baby George was born) came to cheer on his rebels. He and Millie also had some quality bonding time.

A few weeks ago we went to the fair.
I just go for the food. Below was my fried snickers.
 It was delicious. I'm just sorry I couldn't find the fried Oreos. 

Last week we went to Mississippi. Nick had to be in Tunica for a conference, and the children and I stayed at my parents' house. 

While in Tunica, Nick won the 'Young Professional of the Year Award' for the Alabama/Mississippi section of the American Water Works Association. It is a great award that shows how hard he has worked and how good he is at his job. We are thankful for his hard work, and we are so proud of him
We had fun playing with one of my friend's children.
These babies are a little over a week apart.
This has been a month full of activity.
Do you realize there are only 9 weekends left until Christmas?! 
I need go start shopping, but first I need to figure out what Millie will be for Halloween!


  1. Lucy - You will never post too many photos for me. I love, love, love seeing these. They give such a great glimpse into your life. Your kids are spectacular! That photo of James kind of frowning is darling and Millie in her orange could not be cuter! And I love the new name of "tall George."

  2. PS Hooray for Nick and his honor! I forgot to mention that.