Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Aquapalooza at Lake Martin

This past weekend Nick and I attended Aquapalooza at Lake Martin! It was awesome! I have really never seen anything like this before. This was like one huge tailgating party, but everything was on water! Everyone had their own place to hang out (on a boat), drinks, food, grills, school flags, and people swam around from boat to boat.We were on the water from noon til about 8:00pm. Alan Jackson was the main event, but he did not play until 6 o'clock. While we waited for Alan, a few other country bands played for the crowd. To give you some idea of how it was like on Lake Martin this past weekend, take a look at these pictures.

This picture is from WSFA.com. This is a shot from the sky.

This is coming in on the boat towards the crowd

As we get closer the crowd gets bigger!

Getting closer to the crowd and the stage
This is coming down the center isle of all the boats
John George, Nick, and Dale floating in the water

This is what we saw to the left of our boat. People are swimming around and shuttle boats are dropping people off on their boats. People came and parked their boat in the spot they wanted on the day before the concert.

This is to the right of our boat.

This is view from the back of our boat.

There was a boat throwing out T-shirts and floats. Nick and Dale swam out to try to get a shirt. During this process, Nick accidently pulled all of the floats from the boat. This caused everyone nearby to swim as fast as they could to get a free blue and white float. Above you can see some people getting their floats. Below you can see what all Nick gained during this time. He got 3 floats, 2 huggies, and a t-shirt! This whole things was very entertaining!

See all the blue and white floats? Thanks to Nick, all of these people left with a new float!
Nick and Stephen floating

This was most of our crowd

More floating pictures:


We saw some cool boats!
We saw some Auburn fans!
We saw some big beers!
We also saw a pirate!
We saw some cool contraptions for people getting to their parked boat! This is how several people transported themselves and their coolers to their spot.
We saw some BIG floats! And we saw some cool floats! For example, floats with umbrellas, floats that have a special spot for your cooler to float, and floats with moters.

We saw helicopters!

We saw volunteers throwing out goodies!

We saw Marine Police!

We saw country singers! This is Caitlin and Will. They won a season of Can You Duet.

Finally, we saw Alan Jackson! He rode in on his boat, the Hoochie Coochie!

The only bad part of the day is when we tried to leave, and the boat would not go! But we got towed by a friend and made it back to shore just fine.
Thanks to the Hutchensons for letting us use their boat and stay at their house! We really appreciate it!


  1. How fun!! And what great pictures. This looks like a great "end of your summer break" event.

    Love you and love to Nick.

  2. looks like y'all had a blast! how fun!!