Friday, July 17, 2009

The Summer of Sand and Sun

I really enjoy going to the beach! This year I have set a record for myself. I have been to Sandestin 3 times in the past 2 months! It takes me exactly 3 hours to get from my house to the beach, and the trip seems to get eaiser each time I go. I went with a different crowd each time, and I had a great time on every trip. I enjoyed good seafood and drinks. I ejoyed good company. And I really enjoyed the sand and sun!

My first trip to the beach was with Nick to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. It was a great trip and a nice way to start my summer! We enjoyed long days on the beach, and we spent several nights in Baytown. I have the least amount of pictures from this trip because it is hard to take good pictures of ourselves.

The condo we stayed in

After dinner at Fish Out of Water (this was the best meal I had out of all my beach trips)

My second beach trip was the Freeman family beach trip! There was a total of 23 people and 4 dogs that attended the trip. We had a big crowd! We cooked at the condo some nights and we went out to Baytown another night.

Nick and his brother Jeremy after renting the kayak

Nick's grandmother in the kayak!

Nick with his twin brother and dad

Nick's Uncle Mark and his lobster dinner

Nick and his mom

My third trip to the beach included my mom and our good family friends the Mitchells. Harold was going for the Mississippi Bar Convention. My dad was unable to go, so my mom invited me! We enjoyed riding bikes and eating good seafood. While I was there, one of my best friends from Jackson, MS surprised me because she was also in Destin! Paige came over for dinner one night and laid on the beach with us before she headed back to MS. The best day on the beach was our last day out there. The Mitchells had to go in around 6 for a dinner, but my mom and I stayed on the beach until 8 pm. It was beautiful on the beach and the weather felt great! The funny thing was that we counted up to 23 different families that came out to the beach wearing khaki and white or blue jean and white to take their family photo. 2 of these families were wearing some color! It was very entertaining to watch all of the different photography occuring on the beach. We even took a picture or two for those families that only had small children!

My mom and E'lou floating in the water

It was a little crowded!

We took some mini beers to the beach because they stay cold better

My mom and E'lou relaxing under the umbrella

One of our yummy meals! Sea scallops wrapped in pancetta

My friend Paige who got hang out with us for a little while!

These are a handful of families that were taking pictures. This is the view from where we were sitting on the beach.


  1. I like the picture with the mini beers. I'm so jealous. You've been 3 times. I've been 0. Oh well.

  2. Looks like a great trip! Teachers deserve wonderful relaxing summers!

    (SB -- y'all need to come to California. I keep baby Stephen and you and big Stephen can go to the Pacific coast beach -- not quite like the Gulf -- but beautiful.)