Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas in Mississippi!

I hope your Christmas was as merry as our was! SB explained most of our Christmas Day, but I'll show you some pictures from when she wasn't around. These would have been posted sooner if it wasn't for my parents' computer (it doesn't always function like you want it to).

We spent the morning of Christmas Eve with Nick's side of the family in Madison, MS.
Then we headed to my parents' house in Greenville, MS. We are fortunate that our parents' houses are only 2 hours apart from each other, once we drive 4 or 5 hours over from Alabama.
We spent Christmas Eve night at the Archers' house (my cousins).
My dad entered their house with a face full of shaving cream and his singing Santa hat. Then he gave Molly a "special kiss." It was very entertaining!

She soon got over the fact that shaving cream got in her eye, and she helped Doc get cleaned off. Then on Christmas night, Molly got Doc back by rubbing shaving cream in his face. Then he gave Tator a "special kiss!"
Back to Christmas Eve.
Here are some of our wonderful cooks! We had a great meal of shrimp and grits.

Now more photos of Christmas Day!We spent a lot of time photographing Stephen Small! Nick's coat was one of his favorite gifts!Nick and I made our really good margaritas!Putting on the crowns! Refer to SB's blog for details. And I'll leave your with pictures of our 2009 Christmas Dance Party! Sorry about the quality of the photos, but these were too funny to not post. Happy New Year!


  1. Lucy -- I was so happy to log onto facebook and see tha tyou had a new post. These are GREAT photos! Looks like you had a grand Christmas. I hope your New Years Eve/ New Year's Day is equally fun.

  2. when did that kitchen become green???