Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to Work But Not Without Celebrating the New Year!

After a nice and needed break, I headed back to work this week. I was dreading it for a few reasons. One reason I was not looking forward to going back is because I had to move classrooms. The teacher next door was moving to a room down the hall, and I had to move to his room. We moved in order for me to have a Smart Board in my class. A Smart Board is a big interactive touch screen that connects to your computer. It is a very cool device, and I have enjoyed it so far. It has just been difficult to move to a new room and move all my stuff while the other teacher is still moving his stuff. I still have all my posters to re-hang on the wall! The students were also a little confused when they returned. Oh well, I'm back to school and trying to adjust back to my work day schedule.

However, before I went back to work I did have a wonderful New Years! Normally, New Year's Eve is not my favorite. There is always pressure to do something big and exciting. Most of the time this can be hard to find. This year Nick and I attended a wedding of one of his friends from Madison. I love going to weddings, and I thought this would be a fun thing to do on New Year's Eve. So along with Nick's family we went to downtown Jackson to attend the wedding. The ceremony and the wedding were in the same building. After the ceremony, the reception was like most receptions I've been to. Food, drink, cake, dancing. Then about 9:00 the bride and groom made their exit with sparklers to guide the way.

Now here comes the fun part!

Once the bride and groom left, and everyone was back inside, the wait staff brought out a bunch of glow stick necklaces, New Year's hats, and fun sparkly sunglasses. Everyone rushed to the tables and grabbed these up like it was money! The reception had transformed into a New Year's Eve party! The band continued to play and everyone danced all dressed up until 12:30. At midnight the band played Auld Lang Syne and everyone kissed. Husbands to wives, friend to friend, parent to child. Everyone gave a kiss to celebrate the New Year! I felt like I was in a movie because of the music, lights, and company surrounding us. Specifically I felt like Sally in When Harry Met Sally. That's one of the only movies I remember with a New Year's scene. Unfortunately I do not have many pictures because I chose not to take my camera. So I leave you with what I have.

We took these once we got back to Nick's parents' house. The hats and glow sticks were a lot of fun! These were taken about 1 a.m.
This picture was taken at the wedding.

This was probably one of the best New Year's I've had!

Happy New Year to you! Check out this website to see the reason behind some of our New Year's Day traditions. It also has some traditions that I have not heard of before.

One more thing about our New Year's Day. After a good night's sleep, Nick and I woke up and went to the Alumni House (bar/restaurant) to watch the Auburn game. There were plenty of big screen TVs and a small Auburn crowd to cheer with. Fortunately after a long, fun, and nerve racking ending, Auburn pulled through. War Eagle!!

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  1. Hey Lucy -- those glasses and Nick's hat are the best. I want to hear how you like your Smart Board. I've heard they are really great once you get used to using them.

    Love to you and Nick