Monday, January 18, 2010

Home Projects and a Fiesta

Last weekend, I told you how I wish I had before and after pictures of our painted bedroom. Well here they are! We rose out of bed early on Saturday morning for more than one home project. The first project, and first trip to Lowe's, was fixing the busted pipe in our front yard. On Friday morning, a neighbor called my brother-in-law, Stephen, (Nick was out of town) to tell him our front yard was flooded. Thankfully, he was able to turn off our water until Nick could get home. Saturday morning Nick fixed the pipe in the yard with no help from me. We only went without running water for less than 24 hours. Our second project and second trip to Lowe's was to paint our bedroom and get more samples for our bathroom. We changed it from gold to brown. Take a look!

Bedroom before
Bedroom after
The bathroom is next, but I think it may be a while.

Between the first and second coat we made fajitas, drank a margarita, and watched Office Space. Great movie. Very funny. And I am proud to say that I have actually seen Lumbergh and heard him say, "Um, yeah". I was at a restaurant on the mountain in Jackson Hole, WY, and he was actually sitting within 5 ft. from me. Some guys sitting at another table recognized him first and asked him to repeat his famous line. It was awesome! Then once he was gone, my friend and I took his seat at the table! Anyways, back to my fajitas.

Chicken Fajitas
Chicken strips
tortilla shells
salt and pepper
fajita seasoning
Toppings (listed below; subject to change according to taste)

First we marinated the chicken strips.

Salt and pepper the chicken
1 beer (Corona or Bud Light Lime work well)
Some lime juice (If you use a Bud Light Lime then you don't really need the lime juice)
Fajita Magic (any type of fajita spice)
We let this marinade for about an hour, but it would be good to go longer.
We decided to grill our chicken. This gives the chicken a really good flavor from the charcoal. However, you could saute them in a pan, and they would still be really good.
I also sauteed my bell pepper and onion with a little of Fajita Magic.
My toppings:
Bell Pepper
Bean Dip
Sour Cream
Grated Cheese
Put it all together in a tortilla and enjoy!
Have a Mexican Monday! Enjoy a good fajita!

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  1. Love the new color of the bedroom!! Isn't "Office Space" the best? The "smashing of the fax machine" is one of my all time favorite moments in film -- I've felt that way so often with office equipment.

    Love to you and Nick!