Monday, March 22, 2010

9 Weeks Left and I'm Starting with a Clean Closet

Well spring break is over. It was hard to get mentally motivated to go to school this morning. However, I only have 9 weeks left in this school year!! I'm checking the days off on my calendar.

While on my break I did get a few things crossed off
my to do list.
I slept, drank coffee, cleaned, shopped, cooked, gardened, walked. It was fantastic!

Take a look at one of my accomplishments this past week.

Closet Cleaning/Organizing


Shoes all over the closet.

AFTER (may not stay this way for long, but I'll try)
My shoes neatly lined up and in one place. It looks like I have a lot of shoes, and I do. However, many of these are as old as the sweaters I threw out. I couldn't get rid of clothes and shoes in one day.

More on vacuum sealing. I went to Target in search of finding some organizational tool. In honor of my dad, I was looking for some good containers. I found some, along with the vacuum bags.

I filled the bags with big winter sweaters and sweat shirts.

I filled one large bag with at least 17 sweaters. Why do I have so many sweaters?

Then I zipped up the bag and put the vacuum hose to the hole in the middle of the bag. I vacuumed until no more air could escape.

I turned this pile....

into this pile.
Amazing space saver! Now the sweaters can fit at the top of my closet instead of taking up 2 shelves.

See my new containers at the top of my closet in the picture below. They have dramatically helped my closet make over. These containers also come in pink and green.

I tried on everything in my closet. Some things twice. It took 2 days to get this all complete, but it was worth it. However, I have not moved all spring/summer clothes into my closet. I was really just trying to clean up my winter things. The summer clothes will be another day.

Happy Organizing!

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  1. Lucy -- I love seeing your closet. I am an obsessive organizer at my house (I think I must be a little OCD!). It really helps me think, though. It's fun to see all of your work and I LOVE the labels you attached.

    Enjoy the last nine weeks. They will fly by!