Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Bathroom of Many Colors

A while ago I mentioned we were painting another bathroom. Well, after a long week of working on it, we (and by we I mean Nick) got it finished in time for our weekend company.

After Nick pulled off the wall paper, spackled most of the wall, taped up the edges of the room, and made 11 trips to Lowes, we picked out some paint samples.
We were trying to match the color of the wall paper, but that didn't look so good. Then we started getting frustrated and just decided to go with brown.

However, this was still a hard decision. Which shade of brown should we choose?

We decided to go with a color that was in the same family as our bedroom. It is called Milk Toast. Good name for a bathroom.

We are happy with it. Take a look.



We are taking a break from painting. Our next project is to fix our leaking pool. I can't wait for pool season!