Monday, August 8, 2011

We're Back!

Happy Monday!

We are back from our week long vacation in Mississippi.

Mississippi is the land of wine, food, free childcare, and medicine.

Our vacation started at Nick's parents' house, and we had to leave early because of my 104 temperature. We headed North to see the Doc.

A few days and a many tests later we found out I had a kidney infection. I don't think I've ever felt so bad. Giving birth was easier than having a high fever.

I'm better now, but it was bad for a little while. Needless to say, my week in Greenville did not go as I had planned. I'm thankful I was in MS because it would have been worse without Doc and Lovie.

I'm planning another vacation to MS where I can drink wine, eat good food, and enjoy my life!

While we were there, Nick dressed up like my dad and attacked the jungle in the backyard. The fence in the background has not been seen by any of us in 19 years.

We also had a 'Sip and See' for Millie, but that will get its own post.

I recovered just in time for my cousin's wedding in Greenwood, MS.

Greenwood is a lovely little town. The Alluvian Hotel is fabulous! It has good coffee and margaritas and really soft beds.

Millie enjoying the beds

Goodie bag in the room Enjoying the hospitality room

My new blue rehearsal dinner shows Rehearsal Dinner My uncle Ronnie was the rehearsal dinner entertainment Bridal Brunch at the Viking Cooking School Wedding Time! Mr. and Mrs. John George Archer These babies were even there enjoying their first wedding. More cousins! Siblings and dance partnersThe husbands were sweet to take the babies back to the hotel so we could boogie.

Auburn and Mississippi State shakers to send them off!

Congrats to the bride and groom!

I'm now home the Monday morning after our vacation, and I feel much better than last week! Don't you hate to mess up a good vacation with an illness?

Oh well, at least I'm better. Which reminds me I need to go take my medicine.

Thanks for all the helpers with myself and Millie throughout the week.

And on a side note, Millie is 2 months old today. I keep telling her she is a 'pretty lady.' And she keeps getting prettier with each night she sleeps through!

Hope you and me have an illness free week!


  1. Hooray for so many gorgeous photos!! Lucy - you will definitely need to go back to G'ville when you are well. It's good to be with your mom and dad when you're sick (esp. since Doc has "the drugs"), but you are due for a fun vacation. The wedding looked wonderful. Your dress is fabulous and Millie is absolutely adorable!!!!!

  2. I loved the post. Nick looks good doing his impersonation of me in my work clothes and those clothes are tired after all the work he did. They hauled off his pile of debris this morning.
    We'll look forward to the next visit minus the illness.

  3. Millie is so cute- that hair! Glad you're better, moms shouldn't gt sick. Love the picture of you, SB and George. Framer.