Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And That Makes 3

Millie is not even 4 months old, and she has already attended 3 weddings.

One of my college roommates, Mary Catherine, got married this weekend in Athens, AL. It was a beautiful southern wedding! I'll give the details along with the pictures.

Warning, there are a lot of pictures and some may be a bit blurry.

The festivities began Friday with a bridesmaids luncheon at Mary Catherine's aunt's house.
The tables were lovely. Below were our bridesmaids gift, a pashmina and a brooch (or broach, the Internet spells it both ways) that was individually picked out for each of us.
We enjoyed lunch and this delicious strawberry cake. This was also my first experience with a charm cake. We each pulled out a silver charm and special message.
Goody bags for the hotel. Among other things, this bag included the always loved bottled cokes.
In the back of the house MC's grandmother's, mother's, and aunt's wedding dresses were hanging for us to see.
Auburn girls reuniting.
After checking in the hotel we went to the rehearsal and dinner. Nick was on Millie duty again during the rehearsal, and I don't think she was on her best behavior.
She eventually calmed down. It was a wonderful dinner in a beautiful setting!
Me and the Bride!
Everybody had different plates. Mine was very pretty. As you can also see, I enjoyed my meal.
After cheesecake, toast were made, and we were off to bed.

Wedding Day started at the hair salon with a mimosa.
Millie was admiring her fancy hairdo (this picture was taken in the mirror).
Later we headed to MC's grandmother's house to get ready. This was also the location for the reception.

I did not get my hair done at the salon, but the hairdresser (also MC's friend) was at Grandmother's. While I was asking people's opinion about my hair, she told me to bring her some bobby pins and sit down. She fixed my hair in a way I never had. I loved it! So I had to photograph it. I even had a braid in there. Can you see it?
Grandmother had everything we would possibly need. She even bought us our own toothbrush and toothpaste. Grandmother was so sweet.
I wanted this baby bed. It rocks! Literally.
The wedding dress was put on and many other photo's were taken. The dress was beautiful, and we were all fascinated by her shoes. Yes they are the real thing, Louis Vuitton!
Along with my hair I had my make up done too. I loved being pampered. I had on a lot of eye shadow, but I liked it. I wish I could have my own stylist more often.
On her way to take "First Look" pictures. This is where the bride and groom see each other for the first time today, before the ceremony.
Cheering because Alabama was loosing.
We all know they won.
Moving on.
I didn't take any more pictures until the reception, but I have to tell you that we (wedding party) rode in a fire truck from church to reception (a two block journey). It was really cute and fun! The bride and groom hung on the back. I don't have any pictures of it because I was on the truck.

This is what greeted me at the reception. She was better behaved today.
Lilies. Gorgeous!
We wanted to take some home.

Bride and Groom First Dance
This was one fancy spread. It included raw oysters, sweet potato fries, fried okra, beef, pork, shrimp and grits. That is just all I can remember. We did not go hungry.
More Auburn girls. It was fun catching up!
Yes, this is a sting ray groom's cake with grey icing and red velvet insides, just like 'Steel Magnolias.' Except in the movie it was an armidillo.
I'm glad this one wasn't an armidillo.
There was also a kids table with Capri Suns, animal cracker, and colors with coloring books.
Even though my hair was falling down, I had to photograph it again so I can try to recreate it. Some of you may be thinking it doesn't look that different or that great, but my hair has been difficult lately. I need all the help I can get.
She fell asleep during 'The Love Shack,' and Nick and I boogied the rest of the night.
Throwing the bouquet off the balcony. A shot of the house.
I tried looking up a synonym for beautiful, but I just couldn't find one. Beautiful sums up everything about this wedding. Every detail was taken care of. I also enjoyed the homeade pecan pies given as favors as we left.

Mary Catherine and Tyler, I hope you have fun in Italy, and thanks for making me a part of your wedding.

We are now catching up on sleep and laundry.


  1. Lucy - what a great blog - gorgeous photos, and I love your hair with the braid in it. You have such great hair - just as it is - but the braid added a little "sumtin - sumtin" (something something). Millie is too, too darling. She gets cuter in every blog. I wish I could see her.

  2. Those shoes are Christian Louboutin, not Louis Vuitton. Beautiful wedding! Fun blog! Love all the recipes!! Hope you are doing well!