Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tropical Storm Lee

Tropical Storm Lee can't ruin our good time!

This past weekend we went to Carillon Beach in Florida. It rained most of the time we were there.

One of my best friends was getting married on the beach. This would be my first beach wedding. I was really excited! However, because of Tropical Storm Lee, plans were changed, and the ceremony was in the chapel. We did have a beach rehearsal, and it was a tad bit windy.

These waves are nothing compared to how big they were on Saturday.
Nick was on baby duty. I owe him a big thank you! He was in charge of Millie for the weekend. I feel like I only changed one diaper the entire time. I think they both enjoyed their weekend of bonding.
All the bridesmaids with the bride at the rehearsal dinner.
This bucket of goodies was in our room when we arrived. I have thoroughly enjoyed it!
Wedding day!
Even though it rained, I think everything was wonderful!
Me and Lauren getting ready with the bride!
The Beautiful Bride!
Coming to the floor for their first dance!
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Newman
Millie arrived looking good in her orange stroller. She is not even 3 months old, and she has already been to 2 weddings.
Nick still on duty.
me and my baby
Even though the wedding did not go according to plan, the pictures and ceremony were beautiful! Everyone got teared up watching both dads cry through the whole thing. Being inside meant we didn't have to fight the wind, sound of the waves, and possible rain. I also really enjoyed myself at the reception despite the fact that the groom's cake was Alabama's stadium. I didn't even let out a War Eagle all day in honor of the bride and all the surrounding BAMA fans!

Laura, I loved being part of your wedding! I wish you and Matt a lifetime of happiness. And remember, according to some, rain on your wedding day means you will have good luck and one day become rich!

The weather was not any better when we left FL. I hate driving or riding in the rain. I get real nervous. Just ask Nick. So halfway home I got in the backseat with Millie and the car DVD player. I enjoyed a few Friends episodes. I don't think this was the purpose for purchasing the DVD player, but until Millie is aware of watching DVD's, I will get plenty of use out of it.
At least TSL brought us some cooler weather. Yesterday I actually got cold walking outside!

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  1. Gorgeous wedding and beautiful photos. I'm glad Lee didn't stop everything! You all look wonderful!!