Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Farmer and Ballerina

Happy late Halloween!

I'm not the biggest Halloween fan. I guess I'm not really a costume fan. I'm definitely not a fan of being scared. I get scared watching Desperate Housewives because of a murder recently committed on the show.

Anyways, I'm glad it's over.

However, I did run into a cute farmer and ballerina last night.
When we got home from a little Halloween party, we turned off all the lights and got in bed by 8. I don't even like giving candy to trick-or-treaters. You can judge me if you want, but I really don't care.

And tonight, because I don't have to hide from trick-or-treaters, I'm cooking with butternut squash for the first time. I'm making this dish out of last month's REAL SIMPLE. It is tortellini with butternut squash, mushrooms, and fontina.
I'll let you know how it goes.

Now it's November. So you don't think I'm a snob about all holidays, Thanksgiving is one of my favorites, and I embrace turkey and dressing with open arms and an empty stomach.


  1. Cute beyond belief!! I love Millie's one shoe one, one shoe off look, and those little "pantaloons" are so darling. Farmer Stephen looks very happy and content.

  2. hahaha... halloween snob. you're funny. i'm never giving candy out to trick or treaters again. the doorbell and the weimaraner are not an awesome combination. haha. aaaaand i hate half the candy myself.